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Central Wheatbelt Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
09:00 WST
40000 1/8 -- Ac -- Cloud developing Mostly clear  
09:00 WST
30000 1/8 -- Ac -- Cloud dissolving Mostly clear  
15:00 WST
20000 2/8 - - ORIG-undefined; regional observer; VER:03.2 SWV:3.
09:00 WST
30000 8/8 Cloud developing Mostly cloudy  
09:00 WST
25000 1/8 -- Ac -- Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
09:00 WST
30000 6/8 Sc -- -- Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy  
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Weather News

Freezing nights to come for Canberra

15:06 EST

Night-time temperatures will drop well below average in the Capital from Wednesday.

Warm oceans fuelling late end to big wet season

14:26 EST

Warmer-than-normal oceans have contributed to a late end to a big wet season across the southern hemisphere.

Great Barrier Reef: Making clouds brighter could help to curb coral bleaching, scientists say

14:21 EST

Marine scientists have upped the ante in their fight to save the Great Barrier Reef from the devastating effects of coral bleaching.