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Heavy snow flurries as Canberra becomes Canbrrrrrrr!

Anthony Sharwood, Saturday July 17, 2021 - 12:44 EST

Followers of Federal politics have seen some pretty flaky stuff come out of Canberra over the years, but Saturday morning brought flakes of the snowy variety to the capital.

The heaviest snow flurries occurred in the city's north around mid-morning on Saturday while the temperature was just a tick under 4°C.

While temps weren't quite freezing, as Weatherzone meteorologist Esteban Abellan explains, the "apparent temperature" (as in, what the temperature feels like taking into account wind and humidity) was as low as -5°C just before lunchtime.

So if it was above zero, how did it snow?

Under the right conditions, snow can fall all the way to ground level without melting in temps that are a few degrees above zero, though it rarely settles on the ground unless the snowfall is exceptionally heavy.

So while you won't see pics from Canberra today that look anything like the day in May 2000 that the surface of Canberra Stadium turned white during an NRL game, there was still plenty of the white stuff floating to earth.

Meanwhile just west of Canberra in the Brindabellas, there was settled snow. The Brindabellas rise as high as 1900m above sea level, so they see serious winter snow. This brief video was taken at around 1100m (Canberra city is just under 600m).

Canberra is "warming up" a little this afternoon and should reach its forecast maximum of an almost tropical 8°C.

The strong cold front which moved through this morning, causing blustery winds across NSW, is now bringing light snowfalls to parts of the Central Tablelands and Blue Mountains.

Needless to say, this weather system has also delivered the goods (over 50 cm of snow and counting) to the higher ski resorts of the Australian Alps, even if potential visitors from greater Sydney and Victoria can only stare at the snow cams in frustration.


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