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Weather solutions for an ever-changing climate.

Weather and climate play a crucial role in how we live, work and play. As the climate continues to evolve, the need for accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive weather information becomes even more critical.

At Weatherzone, we recognise the vital role of weather data in making informed decisions and fostering weather-resilient communities. From consumer weather products to tailored industry solutions, our comprehensive data and intelligence services are designed to help our customers navigate everyday weather challenges and prepare for the growing risks of extreme events.

Celebrating 25 years

Who we are

Weatherzone is a DTN company and, after being established in 1998, we quickly grew to become Australia's largest private weather provider. We have a conscientious team of meteorologists, data scientists, engineers and communication experts, and we work with trusted global partners to serve our community, world-wide.

Our focus has always been to make weather information accessible for everyone, distilling intricate data sets into intuitive visualisations and insights. We supply enterprises from multiple industries across the world with customised critical intelligence to transform their response and resilience to weather risks and climate shifts.

For more about our enterprise capabilities, visit

  • Weatherzone website and apps

    Weatherzone website and apps

    For everyday users who demand the best weather experience on webiOS and Android.

  • Energy generation & demand forecasting

    Energy generation & demand forecasting

    Vital tools for the energy industry to manage heat impact, demand spikes, solar/wind profiles and more.

  • Environmental and mining dispersion

    Environmental and mining dispersion

    Ensure the safety of communities by simulating the dispersion impact of various emission scenarios.

  • Environmental and mining dispersion

    Marine and aviation logistics

    Access site-specific weather intelligence and briefings to manage your marine or aviation operations.

Trusted by millions and globally awarded

Weatherzone is a globally award-winning weather app as recognised by the World Meteorological Organization, winning 3 awards in 2020 for quality of data and reliability, weather warnings and user interface.

Opticast™ is Weatherzone's next generation, cloud-based, consensus forecasting solution that delivers precise weather data to your business, both nationally and globally. It was awarded most accurate forecast 11 years in a row by an Australian energy provider.

Join Weatherzone and discover why millions of users and businesses place their trust in our industry-leading expertise.

Trusted by millions and globally awarded

We're part of the DTN family.

In 2019 DTN - an independent source of insights, analysis and decision-support solutions - acquired Weatherzone. This acquisition underscored DTN's commitment to bring the most accurate, actionable insights to customers in weather-sensitive industries such as agriculture, energy and logistics.

As part of the DTN family, we contribute to the empowerment and prosperity of those who work endlessly to feed, fuel and protect our world. Together, we provide services that extend beyond the ability to plan in the face of weather and extreme conditions.

We deliver end-to-end solutions to help maximise crop yields, optimise fuel supply chains, support the renewal energy revolution, keep critical operations safe, productive and profitable, and much more.

We are part of the DTN family

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If you use Weatherzone as part of your work or to support a fascinating pastime, we would love to hear your story. Join wildlife carers, emergency workers, athletes, pilots and many others who have shared how Weatherzone contributes to their daily activities.

Contribute your story and we may ask to feature you in our profile series! Thank you for being a part of our community.

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