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Anthony Sharwood, 03 Dec 2021, 6:53 AM UTC

Tense night ahead, as 11-metre levee faces expected 10.7 m flood peak

Tense night ahead, as 11-metre levee faces expected 10.7 m flood peak

The flood danger is not over yet in the NSW/Qld border region, with several rivers set to peak on Friday night.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a Major Flood Warning for the Macintyre and Weir Rivers, a Moderate Flood Warning for the Dumaresq River and a Flood Warning for the Macintyre Brook, which earlier this week spilled its banks, inundating the Qld town of Inglewood.

A major flood peak of approximately 10.7 metres is likely at the border town of Goondiwindi (population 6300) overnight Friday into Saturday.

This is similar to the flood peak in January 2011 – a La Nina summer like this one – and will hopefully not exceed that level, as it falls just within the limits of the town's 11-metre levee.

Major flood levels are also rising at Boggabilla (population 550) just upstream of Goondiwindi.

The good news for the area is that no significant rainfall has been recorded on Friday. Nor is there the likelihood of anything more than a light shower locally for the next few days.

However storms are possible in the catchment areas on the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range in northern NSW and southern QLD.

That means that westward-flowing rivers like the Macintyre (which rises in northern NSW before flowing along a winding course which forms part of the NSW/Qld border) could still be replenished by more rain.

With the catchment so wet, even a small amount of rain can have a major flow-on effect into rivers.


You can keep on top of the flood situation here on our warnings page, and please remember never to drive into floodwaters.

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Image: For your own sake (and for the sake of those you put at risk during rescues), please obey signs like this. Source: @Ourzigzagtrip via Instagram.

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