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Samuel Terry, 30 Jun 2010, 12:59 AM UTC

Sydney shivers through its coldest morning in 61 years

Sydney shivers through its coldest morning in 61 years
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Sydney shivers through its coldest morning in 61 years

30/06/2010: Sydney-siders have woken to yet another day of icy air, with the city recording its coldest June morning in 61 years.

Yesterday, the mercury dropped to 4.7 degrees overnight, enough to make it the coldest June morning in 27 years. This morning, though, temperatures fell even further, bottoming out at 4.3 degrees. This is five degrees below the June average minimum temperature, also making it the coldest minimum in three years for any month.

The cold wasn't restricted to the city alone. Richmond saw the mercury drop to minus five, the frostiest morning in eight years, and the coldest on record for June.

This morning continued a streak of chilly mornings in Sydney, with four consecutive minimum temperatures below seven degrees. A string of mornings like this hasn't happened since 1986.

Samuel Terry, meteorologist for, explained the recent spate of unusual weather.

“We've seen a couple of cold fronts push through the southeast over the last week or so. Even though none of these fronts were particularly vigorous, the cumulative effect has been to prolong the cold.”

“Another important feature has been the dryness of the air. This has allowed temperatures to plummet overnight, aided by clear skies as well.”

Overall, June wasn't a very noticeable month in Sydney in terms of temperature. The average minimum this year was around 10 degrees, and the average maximum around 18 degrees. Combining these two, Sydney only had its coldest June in three years.

“People may be worried that the recent chill means that the rest of winter will be really cold, but climate indicators are pointing towards a near-or-above average next few months in terms of temperatures. ” said Terry. “However, this doesn't mean that woollen jumpers won't be necessary, because winter is still obviously the coldest time of year.”

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