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Brett Dutschke, 11 Aug 2010, 11:57 PM UTC

Flooded Tasmania drying out after biggest rain in years

Flooded Tasmania drying out after biggest rain in years
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Flooded Tasmania drying out after biggest rain in years

12/08/2010: Much of central and eastern Tasmania, including Hobart has just had their biggest downpour in years, according to, but now it's drying out and the flood risk is gradually easing.

Flood warnings are still in force due to rivers still gathering the last of the rain. Major flooding is occurring in parts of the Esk River and a number of roads remain closed right across the region.

Barely a day after the northeast was hit by more than 150mm of rain, the biggest August rain in half a century, the southeast had near record falls overnight.

In the 24 hours to 9am Mt Wellington received a massive 199mm, the highest in 15 years and within three millimetres of its all-time record. In the last 36 hours more than 240mm has accumulated.

Hobart has gained 75mm since Tuesday night, including 59mm in the last 24 hours, its biggest rain in three years.

Despite the flooding, this rain is very welcome for Hobart and a large area of the southeast. It's the first time they've had more than 10mm in a day since February.

Hobart has had more rain in 36 hours than in the last five months. Up until Tuesday Hobart had only managed 146mm this year in total, more than 200mm short of the average.

With a month's rain in a day, Hobart has finally achieved its first wetter than average month for the year, with help from its wettest August day in 34 years.

"This unusually heavy August rain was due to a a slow-moving low pressure system which had plenty of time to drag very moist air from the northeast," Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said.

"The next few days are looking decidedly dry as a high pressure system takes over. This will allow flood waters to recede and roads to reopen," Dutschke said.

"It won't be long before the next rain. Showers will develop in northwestern Tasmania on Saturday night and reach Hobart on Sunday ahead of a colder change which will bring further showers on Monday."

"But it's not looking nearly as wet as the last few days, generally less than 20mm across the state."

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