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Winter not releasing its grip on Tasmania just yet

Craig McIntosh, Saturday November 16, 2019 - 16:03 EDT

Persistent cold fronts have been keeping any real hint of summer away from Tasmania, with more on the way this week.

So far this month across Tasmania, regular cold fronts are keeping the running average maximum temperature below what's normal for most towns and cities. Only Hobart, Cape Bruny, Friendly Beach and Orford weather stations are recording a running average maximum higher than the November norm, and only by less than one degree each. The only weather station recording above average nights is Flinders Island, by 0.2 degrees.

A cold front is leaving some wintry weather behind for the Apple Isle on Saturday, with snow falling to around 800 metres in some parts. Mt Wellington dipped to -2.7 degrees on Saturday morning, however it's been as cold as -3.8 degrees there this month.

Brisk winds, mainly from the WSW, will keep temperatures below average on Sunday, but there is some warmth on the horizon. Monday to Wednesday will be cool-to-mild and windy for a large part of it, however Thursday should thaw out most places with temperatures higher than 10 degrees above average for some parts, including Hobart.

The heat will be short-lived, however, with a return to cool-to-mild conditions on Friday.

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