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Wet conditions persist for western TAS

Hannah Wilson, Saturday June 15, 2019 - 13:50 EST

A band of persistent cold fronts is continuing to drench parts of western Tasmania, while eastern TAS remains in a rainfall deficit.

A number of strong cold fronts have battered Australia's south in the past weeks, most recently a series of two fronts, the strongest of which impacted western TAS on Wednesday 12th in the late evening. This brought the most rain recorded so far this month to most places in the state's west, including Strahan (32mm), Luncheon (26mm) and Devonport (19mm). The second of the fronts moved through Friday 14th morning, again delivering more rainfall to the region, including another 7mm for Strahan.

This recent rainfall has resulted in many parts of western TAS recording above average total rainfall for this time of year; one of the only regions in Australia to do so. Strahan has recorded 729mm so far this year, while the average is 695mm. This number will only increase as another strong cold front looks to impact this coming Monday evening, bringing undoubtedly more heavy showers to the west.

Unfortunately eastern TAS is not recording these same figures, with the BoM declaring parts of eastern TAS in a rainfall deficit. Swansea has only received 141mm of rain so far this year, well below their average of 345mm and Orford 192mm, with an average of 309mm. A strong East Coast Low may be required in the coming months to lift this deficit.


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