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Martin Palmer, 31 Oct 2009, 4:28 AM UTC

Sydney's Coldest October in 17 years

Sydney's Coldest October in 17 years
Cloud, rain and brisk southeasterly winds, all combined this month to deliver a fairly drab October. It was a promising start, as Sydney soared to 33 degrees on Thursday 1st. This was blown apart on Saturday 3rd when a strong front swept into the southeast. A top of just 15 degrees ensued. A slow recovery was made into the middle of the month as a high pressure system took control. Sunny skies and 35 degrees was the order of the day on Wednesday 21st, but didn't last for the weekend, where we fell below average, again. The last third of the month saw Sydney plagued by cool southeast winds, heavy rainfall and gloomy skies. Based on maximum temperatures and averaging 21.4 degrees, we have now seen our coldest October in 17 years. Overnight, minimums were mild for October. With plenty of insulating cloud about, the average was 14.1 degrees, half a degree above the mean. But, still our coldest nights since 2003! Some October temperature facts for Sydney: - The mean maximum is 22 degrees. - The mean minimum is 14 degrees. - The highest temperature recorded was 38.2 degrees (2004) - The lowest recorded temperature was 5.7 degrees (1918)