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Joel Pippard, 28 Nov 2020, 12:44 AM UTC

Sydney Temperatures to Smash Records

Sydney Temperatures to Smash Records

Sydney is likely to sweat through its hottest pair of days in 80 years and the hottest outside of the height of summer.

Sydney is forecast to reach 39°C on both Saturday and Sunday, a feat that has never been done in any month other than January in its 162 year history.

Images: Temperatures expected on Saturday (top) and Sunday (bottom)

The two other periods that may be hotter this weekend were in 1960 (4-days above 39°C between 25th and 28th January), and in 1946 (39.0°C on 4th and 39.8°C on 5th January). Consequently, this weekend could be the third hottest pair of days on record for Sydney.

It is even possible that both days could crack the 40-degree mark, something that has only happened once before (41.1°C on 26th and 42.4°C on 27th January 1960).

In addition to the draining daytime temperatures, the overnight ‘low’ could set records in its own right.

Sydney is forecast to stay above 24°C overnight, with western suburbs keeping above 26°C. Sydney’s springtime record hot minimum temperature is 24.8°C, set on 14th November 1967. Tonight could very well challenge that record, as well as smashing the records set out west. 

Sydney has only reached this hot milestone a handful of times, not because the airmass wasn’t hot enough, but because its coastal location usually receives a seabreeze. This weekend, westerly winds will be strong enough to considerably delay a seabreeze on Saturday, and entirely prevent one on Sunday.

Sydney’s sweltering weekend should come to an end in the late afternoon on Sunday, as a southerly buster roars up the coast, likely bringing a rapid temperature drop of more than 15 degrees in the first hour.