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Rob Sharpe, 12 Aug 2014, 3:53 AM UTC

Southeast Queensland's dry run coming to very wet end

Southeast Queensland's dry run coming to very wet end
A few showers will move into southeast Queensland over the next few days, but the biggest rain in five months will arrive on the weekend. During the past four months, Brisbane has merely seen a third of its average rainfall, recording only 63mm. The rest of southeastern Queensland has seen a similar amount of rainfall and is once again in need of a drink. From today until Friday showers will be gracing the coastal communities in Queensland. Most places will see showers moving through on two or three of these days and will record something near 5mm. But bigger and better things are on the way for the parched farms, parks and gardens. During the week a trough will produce plenty of rain over southwestern and central QLD before the trough moves east late in the week. On Saturday this trough will cause areas of rain and the odd thunderstorm to spread across all southeastern districts. On Sunday the trough will focus on the coastal communities with areas of rain followed by potentially severe thunderstorms in the afternoon. Rainfall totals across southeastern Queensland from this system are likely to be in the order of 30-60mm, with the risk of over 100mm, primarily in the Southeast Coast. This system will produce some flooding in the region, making it a good idea to clean gutters and blocked storm water drains in the next few days. Next week, a high pressure system will take over, bringing widespread sunshine. This will allow people to get out and about in the beautiful scenery that will be bursting with new life from the soaking winter rain.
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