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SA warming up after coldest April in half century

Brett Dutschke, Thursday April 30, 2015 - 11:16 EST

South Australia is about to have its warmest weather in a fortnight after experiencing its coldest April spell in about 50 years.

Much of the state, including Adelaide, has just had its coldest April week, coldest April fortnight or even coldest April in about 50 years but can now enjoy a few mild days and nights.

For the past one-to-two weeks almost all of the state has been about five degrees colder than the long-term average by day, a bit closer to average by night.

During this time we have had two exceptionally strong cold fronts, the strength more typical of late May or June. These fronts have passed through amongst a slow-moving weather pattern in which a high pressure system has been over the Bight the rest of the time. This high has been keeping the state in perpetual southerly winds, leading to many cloudy, chilly days.

One of the standout places was Ceduna, on the West Coast, which had its coldest month of April in 63 years and third coldest April in 74 years of records, averaging a maximum of 21.4 degrees, three degrees below average.

Adelaide averaged a maximum temperature of 17.9 degrees in the fortnight to yesterday, five below average and its coldest April fortnight since 1960. This is also the city's fifth coldest April fortnight in 129 years of records.

On Eyre Peninsula, Kyancutta also had its coldest April fortnight in 55 years and fifth coldest in 86 years of records, averaging a maximum of 19.4 degrees, six below average.

In the Mid North, Snowtown also had its coldest April fortnight in 55 years and third coldest in 108 years of records, averaging a maximum of 17.9 degrees, six below average.

Other towns which have just had their coldest April fortnight or month in at least 50 years include Streaky Bay, Cleve, Port Augusta and Murray Bridge.

The weather pattern is finally starting to move. The high pressure system will shift northeast, causing wind to turn warmer northerly on some of the next few days.

However, with the high now moving, cold fronts will become more frequent, bringing brief showery and windy bursts. The first front will arrive this Saturday, only bringing slight cooling with temperatures only dropping slightly below average. A stronger front will come in early next week then be followed by a front about every two days, sending much of the state into a cool spell again.

The mild, mostly sunny spell before then will at least give people a chance to wash their jumpers, coats and beanies.

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