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Picnics are now allowed in NSW, so when should we break out the basket?

Anthony Sharwood, Wednesday September 15, 2021 - 10:50 EST

In the last week of August, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian announced that from September 13, groups of up to five fully vaccinated residents (outside the 12 LGAs of concern) could meet in an outdoors setting (not a private backyard) for a picnic or equivalent activity.

The new rules kicked in on Monday, but with a cold front sweeping across the state making it miserable in most areas on both Monday and Tuesday (and even quite snowy as far north as the Northern Tablelands), there probably weren't many people in a picnic mood.

But things have now started to clear up across the state. Some light showers are persisting around the Sydney, Hunter and Mid North Coast regions, but otherwise it's generally clear with increasingly mild conditions. People of NSW, it's picnic time.

But when exactly? What time should you pick to nick off?

Image: Red and white checked cloth in your basket is essential when picknicking, because those are just the rules. Source: StockSnap via Pixabay.


It's hump day. Get amongst it. Just bring a cardigan or other appropriate picnicwear, and maybe an umbrella, as there's still a bit of bite left in that southerly.


A similar sort of day to Wednesday, with the risk of showers in some coastal districts, but otherwise mainly fine inland. The good news is that Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino promised he'd bake everyone scones!


Ah, at last it's starting to warm up. Forget about the thermos of hot chocolate and get something cold and fizzy in your picnic basket.


Wait, we thought the weather gods hated us and always saved their worst weather for the weekend! Not true this weekend, or not for the eastern half of the state at least, where it looks like an absolute cracker. If you're not out there picnicking, you're not doing the weekend right.

In southern and mountain areas, rain looks likely, so perhaps spread the rug out in the living room (without your friends) and pretend you're picnicking outdoors.

Just remember to keep your social distance. Those scenes in the beachside suburbs of Sydney during last weekend's hot spell were a bit of a worry. It might also pay to make it a lunchtime picnic in Sydney as there's the risk of a later afternoon shower as the wet weather moves in from the west.


Rinse and repeat for coastal regions. but with less risk of a rain interruption. We declare the entire day picnic time, and you know what? We'll probably pack some fried chicken in the basket because it's bad for the heart but good for the soul.


Seriously, who picnics on Mondays? If you do, good luck to you because the weather looks OK in coastal and northern parts of the state, before cooler conditions spread throughout on Tuesday. Just make it salad sandwiches in the old piccie basket because we're going to guess you indulged a little on the weekend.

And of course, remember to social distance and to wear a mask outdoors at all times except when exercising or picnicking!

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