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Brett Dutschke, 07 Jul 2011, 5:16 AM UTC

Perth facing its longest cold spell in 25 years

Perth facing its longest cold spell in 25 years
It's not only southeastern Australia feeling the chill, Perth residents are facing their longest cold spell in 25 years. Since last Friday it has stayed colder than 17 degrees, the longest run of cold in the city since June 2005, when there were also six consecutive days as cold. It will take at least until this weekend before it warms past 17, so Perth is on target for its longest run since 1986. In August 1986, one of Perth's inner suburbs, Subiaco didn't warm past 17 for nine days. This current chilly stretch is a result of some rain then persistent southeasterly winds. These southeasterlies have been at the tail-end of several cold fronts, which have had a big impact on southeastern states this week, bringing a metre of snow to parts of the Alps. The fronts have stayed far enough east for skies to clear over Western Australia's west coast, allowing for a string of crisp nights. In each of the last four nights it has chilled below four degrees in Perth, a feat achieved most recently during last winter. Looking ahead, there are a few more cold nights and days to come, but both should warm above the long-term average by mid-next week.
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