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Josh Fisher, 04 Jul 2010, 6:54 AM UTC

Parts of Western Australia freeze through record cold

Parts of Western Australia freeze through record cold
Much of the country's west has been shivering through cold nights for more than a week, but the recent cold blast has dropped minimums to record breaking lows. A low is spiralling just off the south coast of Western Australia and is directing cool winds into the state. These winds have remained dry and the clear skies are allowing overnight temperatures to dip far below their average. Locations in the Central West and Lower West districts fell as much as 10 degrees below the average, breaking their July record minimums. Such locations included: - Pearce: -2 degrees, coldest July night in 66 years of records - Badgingarra: 1 degree, coldest July night in 45 years of records Geraldton received their coldest night in 69 years of records for any month, falling 10 degrees below average to -0.4 degrees. Perth has seen their longest streak of minimums below five degrees in 113 years of records, after dropping to 0.6 degrees last night. The nights will remain cool over the next few days, but will not be as extreme as the past few nights. By the middle of the week cloud will move in hold the minimums closer to average.
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