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Quincy Tut, 11 Feb 2024, 5:44 AM UTC

Northeast NSW copping a drenching

Northeast NSW copping a drenching

Parts of the Mid North Coast in New South Wales have experienced some whopping rainfall totals, resulting in significant rising of creek levels, local road closures and flooding of low-lying bridges.  

In the 24 hours to 9am Sunday, multiple areas had totals exceeding 100mm, including: 

  •  Killabakh (119mm)  - highest 24-hour rainfall since July 2022 
  • Comboyne Public School (124mm) 
  • Taree Airport (136mm) - highest 24-hour rainfall since July 2022 
  • Old Bar (137mm) - highest 24-hour rainfall since July 2022 
  • Mooral Creek (222mm) 


Image: 24-hour rainfall totals (mm) to 9am AEDT Sunday 11th February about the northeast NSW coast (Himawari Satellite imagery). 

A high-pressure system is sitting over the Tasman Sea is expected to linger into early-to-mid week, setting up a persistent regime of a deep, humid easterly flow extending past the Queensland border. 

Forecasts are predicting further potential for enhanced rain & storms throughout Sunday afternoon and into Monday. 

The image below shows the ACCESS-G3 model displaying relative humidity (high values in green) overlapped by 700hPa wind barbs (black). To give you an idea about the depth of this moist flow, that's about a 3-kilometre vertical range up from the surface. 


Image: 700hPa winds and relative humidity about northeast NSW at 5pm AEDT time on Sunday 11th February using the ACCESS-G3 model. 

The accumulated rainfall totals show the coastal areas in the path of this stream of moisture, with some areas expected to receive up to 60-80mm of rainfall cumulatively until late Monday evening. 


Image: Accumulated rainfall (mm) until Monday 11pm AEDT using the ACC-C Brisbane model. 

Be sure to keep up to date with the latest warnings here and to check the forecasts throughout the day. 

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