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Ashleigh Madden, 15 Apr 2024, 1:35 AM UTC

No rain for most of Australia this week

No rain for most of Australia this week

Solar output across large areas of Australia should peak this week, with many areas not expected to receive a drop of rain. 

The dry week across WA, parts of the NT, SA and Vic this week comes as blocking high pressure systems prevent any major cold fronts from impacting the regions this week. 

The satellite image below shows that most of Australia is experiencing a sunny Monday morning.  

Image: Himawari-9 satellite image at 10:45am on Monday, April 15 

 During the next seven days large parts of the country will not receive a millimetre of rain. 

Image: Accumulated rain to 10am on Monday, April 22, according to ECMWF 

However, large totals are expected in Far North Qld as a trough develops in the region later this week.  

Northeast NSW will also see some decent rainfall this week, with a coastal trough and potentially a low forming offshore during the middle of the week.  

Most of Australia with the exception of parts of Qld, eastern NSW, western Tas and the Top End should see above average solar output this week in response to the lack of cloud. 

While solar output will be higher, winds on average over southern Australia will be lighter this week due to the lack of strong cold fronts sweeping across the country. 

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