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Ben Domensino, 05 Sep 2022, 4:13 AM UTC

Nation-wide soaking in Australia this week

Nation-wide soaking in Australia this week

Rain will soak part of every state and territory in Australia this week, with flooding possible in the Murray Darling Basin.

A low pressure system and cold front interacting with a feed of tropical moisture will cause a northwest cloudband to pass over Australia this week.

Rain will initially fall over WA on Monday and Tuesday as the low and front pass over the state. Cloud and rain will then spread into central Australia and SA on Tuesday and Wednesday, before drenching a large area of southeastern and eastern Australia on Thursday and Friday.

Following this nation-wide soaking, another cloudband and a cold front will deliver some follow-up rain over central and southeastern Australia on the weekend.

The map below shows how much rain one computer model is predicting during the next seven days, courtesy of this week’s series of moisture-laden cloudbands.

Image: ECMWF weekly rainfall forecast to 10pm Sunday, September 11

As the map above shows, rain should affect all of the Murray Darling Basin this week. Some of this rain may become heavy enough to cause flooding, especially in areas that saw above-average rain in late winter.

The Murray Darling Basin as a whole just registered its wettest August since 1985 and by the end of the month, the Whole of Basin water storage level was sitting at 97 percent full.

Unsurprisingly, this rain has boosted vegetation grown and the crops in southern NSW and northern Victoria can be clearly seen from space.

Image: Crops near Yarrawonga and Wagga Wagga on September 4, 2022. Source: Sentinel Hub

In addition to this week’s rain and flood threat, several states and territories will also see thunderstorms this week, most likely over central Australia, northern NSW and QLD.

Be sure to check the latest flood watches, flood warnings and severe weather warnings throughout this week for the most up-to-date information on rain, thunderstorms and flooding.

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