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Graeme Brittain, 01 Jul 2018, 6:12 AM UTC

Melbourne's coldest June in over a decade.

Melbourne's coldest June in over a decade.
The overall average temperature for June 2018 was the lowest since 2006 for Victoria's capital city. Despite this, the average minimum and maximum temperatures were 6.8 degrees and 14.2 degrees respectively, which are both within a fraction of a degree from the long term June averages. June was a fairly sunny month, with an average of 7.2 hours of sunshine per day, compared to the long term average of 6.2 hours. The city also saw 87% of its average June rainfall, with the rain gauge at the Olympic Park collecting 43.2mm. Looking ahead into July, climate models are indicating there is an equal chance of above or below average rainfall, whilst temperatures are a higher chance of being above average.
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