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Hump day challenge: Can you rank Australia's capital cities from wettest to driest?

Anthony Sharwood, Wednesday April 28, 2021 - 14:22 EST

OK weather fans, your challenge is as follows: List the Australian capital cities from wettest to driest in terms of their average annual rainfall.

That’s it. Easy-peasy. Or is it?

We reckon most of you will get most of these right. But the second-wettest and second-driest might catch a few of you out.

So then. Here are the annual average rainfall totals for the eight capitals, from highest to lowest.

1723.1 mm

1213.4 mm

1148.8 mm

730.9 mm

648.3 mm

615.4 mm

612.2 mm

526.7 mm

Now here are the eight capitals, listed alphabetically: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney. Your job is to match each city to its rainfall.

Below, you’ll find the list. But don't scroll down there quite yet. See how you go first before sneaking a peek at the answers.

OK here they are:

1723.1 mm - Darwin (Darwin Airport)

1213.4 mm - Sydney (Observatory Hill)

1148.8 mm - Brisbane (Brisbane Regional Office)

730.9 mm - Perth (Perth Metro)

648.3 mm - Melbourne (Melbourne Regional Office)

615.4 mm - Canberra (Canberra Airport Comparison)

612.2 mm - Hobart (Ellerslie Road)

526.7 mm - Adelaide (West Terrace/Ngayirdapira)


Some quick important points about the weather stations we've used:

  • Each capital city has many weather stations recording hourly and daily data.
  • But there's one "official" weather station in each city from which rainfall totals and daily max & min temp readings are taken and reported in mainstream media as "Sydney's max" or "Melbourne's max" etc.
  • Mostly we've used those "official" stations. But some stations are relatively new. The World Meteorological Organisation takes 30 years as its standardised climate average period. Where the current station doesn't have 30 years of data, we've used that station’s former "official" site for the long-term rainfall average.

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