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Ben Domensino, 20 Nov 2018, 4:18 AM UTC

How about a day of skiing and big wave surfing a week out from summer?

How about a day of skiing and big wave surfing a week out from summer?

This weekend will offer the rare opportunity to go skiing in Australia's alps and surfing on large, clean waves along the NSW coast, on the same day, just one week out from summer.

While such an adventure would require hours of hiking, driving and paddling, it would be a unique experience to spend a day sliding around on fresh snow and large waves this close to the start of summer.

A pool of cold air venturing north from the Southern Ocean will move over southeastern Australia during the second half of this week. This wintry air mass will cause an intense low pressure system to develop near the surface, which is likely to cause damaging winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, dust storms and hail in a number of states and territories between Wednesday and Friday.

The complex low and associated cold pool will also produce a decent bout of late-spring snow on Thursday and Friday and generate large and powerful surf when it ventures over the Tasman Sea on the weekend.

Snow can fall in Australia at any time of year and late spring is certainly one of the more likely times to expect 'out-of-season' snow in the alps. However, this will be a particularly cold pool of air for the end of November.

Snow is expected to fall down to about 1000m in NSW and Victoria on Thursday and Friday, although the heaviest snow will accumulate on the alpine peaks. Some areas of the alps could collect more than 20cm of fresh snow by the weekend, particularly on exposed western slopes of the backcountry.

As the low ventures out over the Tasman Sea towards the end of the week, powerful winds wapping around its core will generate large waves, causing a big southerly swell to march up the NSW coast on the weekend. While the forecast is prone to change around this volatile system, powerful waves and brisk offshore winds on Saturday should make for large, clean waves at a number of the state's beaches.

This week's snow and surf are likely to be dangerous and should be treated with caution. Always check the latest severe weather warnings before heading out on adventures by land or sea.

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