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Ben Domensino, 13 May 2019, 4:46 AM UTC

Cool at the core of the country

Cool at the core of the country

Uluru experienced its lowest temperature this early in the year for over a decade on Monday morning.

A strong cold front that crossed southeastern Australia late last week helped send a surge of relatively cool air through the Red Centre and into the nation's tropics.

On Monday morning, this lingering cool air combined with clear skies and light winds underneath a high pressure ridge to cause chilly minimum temperatures.

Yulara Airport, located less than 20km north of Uluru, registered an overnight low of 3.1 degrees early on Monday. This was their lowest temperature this early in the year for 13 years.

Further north, Darwin had its coolest morning so far this year after reaching 20.7 degrees shortly before 7am. Darwin hasn't dipped below 20 degrees since August last year.

Overnight temperatures are forecast to climb from tomorrow, only getting as low as about five degrees at Uluru and 23 degrees in Darwin.

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