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Ben Domensino, 14 Mar 2021, 10:36 PM UTC

Coldest morning of the year in multiple cities

Coldest morning of the year in multiple cities

Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide all registered their lowest temperature so far this year on Monday morning.

Clear skies and light winds combined with a lingerie mass of cold air caused temperatures to plunge across southeastern Australia on Sunday night into Monday morning.

Image: Clear skies caused some wintrlike temperatures across southeastern Australia on Monday morning. 

Sydney (12.2ºC), Adelaide (9.4ºC), Melbourne (8.9ºC) and Canberra (3.5ºC) all had their coldest morning so far this year. 

For Melbourne, it was the first morning below 10ºC for the year and in Sydney and Canberra, this was the lowest temperature in five months.

Image: Sunrise in a chilly Melbourne on Monday morning. Source: @_fpatti.85_ / Instagram

Impressively, this was also Sydney’s and Adelaide’s lowest temperature this early in the year for 27 years.

Monday morning’s lowest temperature at one of Australia’s official weather stations was minus 2.3ºC at Perisher Valley.

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