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Breathtaking pics of the supermoon over Australia

Anthony Sharwood, Wednesday April 28, 2021 - 18:53 EST

It's like a whole different moon. During supermoon, the moon appears up to 14 percent larger when viewed from Earth.

But what exactly is a supermoon? As we told you earlier this week, the moon's orbit of the earth is slightly elliptical. That means that it's never quite the same distance from us.

This composite image below illustrates that perfectly. When the moon is closest to Earth, that's called its perigree and it's 363,396 km away. At its furthest point from Earth, old Moony McMoonFace is 405,504 km away. That's called its apogee, or a "micromoon".

Image: Extra green cheese! Source: NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.

But enough with the technicalities. The bottom line is the moon looked great on Tuesday night, and there's still time to catch a second glimpse this Wednesday evening if you're quick, and if skies near you are mostly cloudless.

Here are some of our favourite images from Tuesday evening.

This one was snapped in Port Lonsdale in Victoria, looking east across the mouth of Port Phillip Bay towards Mount Martha.

Image: A great pic looking across Port Phillip Bay  @Adamstanphotography on Instagram.

This beauty was taken over the Loy Yang Power Station near Traralgon, also in Victoria.

Image: Smokin' pic! Source: Kim Szalay @smykimages on Instagram.

This one was taken near the tiny village of Broke in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Image: Broke just got fixed! Source: Adam Williams of @finding_awe_photography on Instagram.

And here's a really unusual and wonderful image from the other side of the country. This was taken from Middleton Beach in Albany, WA.

supermoon Middleton Beach

Image: Anyone for a giant game of ping pong? Source: @Jenellesmithphotography.

And here's another great one out of WA.

Image: For once, the golden arches weren't the brightest thing in the night sky. Source: @gregcrichtonphoto on Instagram.

We'd love you to share more photos with us from tonight's second instalment using the hashtag #weatherzone. Happy supermooning! Actually, that doesn't sound quite right. You know what we mean...

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