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Aurora from space

Ben Domensino, Tuesday June 18, 2019 - 12:17 EST

A NASA astronaut has enjoyed the rare privilege of witnessing our planet's auroras from above and below.

Christina Koch captured a mesmerising photo of an Aurora from space while she was onboard the International Space Station earlier this month.

Image: Aurura from space. Credit: NASA / Christina Koch

But this wasn't the first time the astronaut had witnessed the captivating green glow of an aurora.

"Years ago at the South Pole, I looked up to the aurora for inspiration through the 6-month winter night. Now I know they're just as awe inspiring from above" Ms Koch said on Twitter.

Most people on Earth don't ever get to witness an aurora because they occur near our planet's polar regions. Even fewer people get to say they have seen auroras from above and below.

The Aurora Australis can be seen from parts of southern Australia at various times throughout the year, alhtough forecasting the southern lights is notoriously difficult. Visit for more information on the Aurora Australis.

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