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Ben McBurney, 18 Oct 2013, 1:54 AM UTC

ACT shivers through record October cold

ACT shivers through record October cold
Parts of the Australian Capital Territory recorded their coldest October night on record as the mercury plummeted well below freezing. Canberra Airport recorded a bone-chilling -3.4 degrees just before sunrise this morning, its coldest October night on record. This beat the previous record which was set in 1957 by just 0.1 of a degree and was also the coldest night the city had seen July. Canberra has now also recorded two nights below -2.5 degrees this month, the first time this has occurred on record in October. Nearby Tuggeranong wasn't quite as cold but still dipped to -2.0 degrees, its coldest October night in 12 years. The surrounding region was also very cold, with it dipping to -8.0 degrees at Cooma and -8.7 degrees at Perisher. The unseasonably cold night was due to a very cold air mass in the wake of a cold front, clear skies and light winds. Although it was very windy yesterday, a high pressure system moved in over the region overnight, causing winds to become much lighter. Another chilly morning is on the cards tomorrow due to a similar setup, however it is unlikely it will be as cold as what was seen this morning. The territory can look forward to much warmer weather over the coming days, with days reaching into the high 20's while nights will also become much warmer.
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