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Josh Fisher, 28 Feb 2010, 4:29 AM UTC

A swath of heavy rain edges east

A swath of heavy rain edges east
After nearly a week of flooding rain over much of the Northern Territory, the heavy rain is now beginning to slide southeast into Queensland. In the last 24 hours Tennant Creek was soaked with 111mm of rain, the heaviest they have seen in seven years. Since this rain started on Tuesday they have seen 256mm, more than double their average February rainfall of 121mm. Alice Springs has also been crippled with heavy rain over the last week, picking up 191mm. This deluge has already made it their wettest year in nine years, after picking up 334mm just in the past two months. While the rain is set to ease over the Northern Territory, it has its path set for Queensland, where some areas in the south could see a couple hundred millimetres over the next few days. Southeast Queensland will see the rain pick up with heavy amounts expected into the beginning of the weak, peaking on Tuesday. Brisbane could see over 100mm through the next few days. One of the areas expected to see the heaviest rain is the Sunshine Coast, which could see as much as 200mm over the next few days.