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Saturday December 14, 2019

How did the massive hailstones that fell over southern Queensland form?

ABC image 13:26 EDT
Some of the largest hailstones ever seen in Australia are thought to have plummeted to Earth over southern Queensland on Friday afternoon.
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Australia will be sweltering next week, but Tasmania will be spared (mostly)

ABC licensed image 11:43 EDT
, but the same wind system that could push mainland states into record territory will have an entirely different effect on Tasmania.
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Very hot spell on the way for Adelaide

11:26 EDT
A very hot four-day spree of 40 degrees plus is looming for Adelaide, and much of the rest of inland South Australia.
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Mass baby bat deaths threatening the future of forests as effects of drought and bushfires mount

ABC image 10:27 EDT
Baby bats are being left for dead by their mothers in their thousands on the New South Wales coast in an 'abandonment event' as drought and bushfire remove crucial vegetation for the keystone species.
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Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast hit by very dangerous storms, BOM warns of flash flooding

ABC licensed image 09:40 EDT
Severe storms have swept across South-East Queensland, dropping giant hail near Gympie and dumping 76 millimetres of rain on the Gold Coast in half an hour.
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Friday December 13, 2019

Brisbane storm brings short burst of heavy rain as giant hail falls on Sunshine and Gold coasts

ABC image 20:22 EDT
An early afternoon storm system brought fierce winds and golf-ball-sized hail to the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.
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Severe storms in SE Queensland

19:02 EDT
Brisbane has been hit by a severe thunderstorm for the second time in three days.
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Australia could see hottest day on record next week as Perth heatwave conditions travel east

ABC licensed image 15:19 EDT
Australia could experience its hottest day on record next week as a hot air mass building in Western Australia makes its way east.
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Lambing rates 'best in a decade' as cluster fences breathe new life in western Queensland

ABC image 14:50 EDT
Lambing rates in western Queensland are the best they have been in a decade, despite more than eight years of drought, and graziers say it is almost certainly due to exclusion fencing.
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Exceptionally hot air on the horizon for Australia

11:29 EDT
A large mass of hot air will spread over Australia during the next 10 days, causing a widespread and intense heatwave that looks set to challenge records.
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Hot weather on the horizon for Adelaide but don't call it a 'heatwave' — not yet

Audience submitted image 09:45 EDT
With several days of hot weather forecast for Adelaide next week, it might be tempting to call it a "heatwave", but what is a heatwave? Is it as simple as hot weather that hangs about for days on end? The short answer is no.
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Thursday December 12, 2019

Severe storms ease in South-East Queensland

20:36 EDT
A number of severe storm cells that formed in South-East Queensland have eased but the Bureau of Meteorology has warned more were expected over the coming days.
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Record-breaking heatwave hits hard in the Top End

ABC licensed image 18:49 EDT
The remote Kakadu town of Jabiru broke its December heat record four days in a row, as a heatwave continues to roll across the Top End.
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Brisbane weather relief as storm brings six months' worth of rain in one night

ABC licensed image 17:55 EDT
Brisbane's overnight rainfall has equalled what it has received in the last six months, with a major thunderstorm bringing more than 100 millimetres to some parts of the city.
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How can smoke help reduce bushfire intensity?

ABC image 17:50 EDT
The NSW Rural Fire Service said it was the smoke that kept bushfires from flaring up earlier this week — but how can smoke possibly be helpful? We are not making this up.
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Tamborine Mountain school runs dry prompting calls for a 'water emergency' declaration

ABC image 14:19 EDT
Members of a Gold Coast Hinterland community have called for the State Government to intervene and halt commercial water extraction as a school's bore runs dry.
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Students offer $1m solutions for Karoonda East Murray to thrive beyond drought

ABC image 14:14 EDT
A rural South Australian council is asking a group of school students for input on how to spend $1 million to ensure their region not only survives but thrives, beyond the challenging drought conditions.
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Coldest cloud top on record

13:40 EDT
The coldest cloud top temperature ever observed by a satellite has been recorded over the Pacific Ocean.
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Winter is coming: 5 essential reads about snow and ice

13:19 EDT
As cold weather settles in across North America, some communities have already started up their snowplows, while others keep watchful eyes on the forecast.
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Ladies of the Land are delivering thousands of care packages to women in drought-affected areas

ABC licensed image 13:02 EDT
When Elzette Connan received a care package from a friend in Western Australia with a note saying "thinking of you, sending you lots of sunshine", it prompted an idea.
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Sydney's recovering property market boosts NSW Government, half-year review reports

ABC licensed image 12:50 EDT
Sydney's slowly recovering property market has helped ensure that the Berejiklian Government ends this year with a forecast surplus of $700 million, despite the mounting cost of the drought.
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Severe storm strikes Brisbane

10:08 EDT
An intense thunderstorms in Brisbane last night brought nearly as much rain as the last six months combined.
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Renewable energy boosting one farmer's productivity as pilot program unveiled for central west NSW

ABC image 07:23 EDT
Farmers in the New South Wales central west are being urged to consider hosting renewable energy sources on their properties as part of a pilot program in the region.
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Water crisis spurs Sydney council to ship pool water to Armidale for firefighting, sporting fields

ABC licensed image 07:06 EDT
With a population of 25,000 and just a year's supply left in its dam, water is a finite resource in the parched New England town of Armidale.
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Wednesday December 11, 2019

Deadly heatwave warning for Perth on the eve of first Test between Australia and New Zealand

ABC image 19:46 EDT
The WA Health Department has issued a heatwave warning for Perth for the first time since 2016 as the city braces for a run of record-breaking heat until Sunday.
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Gold Coast beachgoers may be forced to use recycled water to wash sandy feet as drought worsens

ABC image 18:40 EDT
Gold Coast beach showers have once again become a barometer for the drought with Mayor Tom Tate saying bathers may be forced to use recycled water to wash the sand off their feet.
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Positive Indian Ocean Dipole fuels bushfires devastating Australia and deadly flooding in Africa

ABC image 17:46 EDT
A climatic phenomenon of near-record intensity has contributed to two extremes on opposite sides of the Indian Ocean — torrential rain in East Africa and exceptionally dry conditions fuelling bushfires in Australia.
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Indian Ocean Dipole losing its grip

13:08 EDT
The Indian Ocean Dipole has significantly weakened during the last five weeks, raising hopes that more normal weather patterns could soon be returning to Australia.
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More dry, hot weather looms for NSW

10:05 EDT
Dry weather is likely to continue across much of NSW during the next week, with more heat on the way.
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Tuesday December 10, 2019

Blaze near 'mega fire' closes in on population centres on NSW Central Coast

ABC image 17:19 EDT
The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) said firefighters and waterbombing aircraft had succeeded in slowing the spread of a blaze burning near the "mega fire" north of Sydney.
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New drought declarations across eight Queensland regions as the state's crisis deepens

ABC image 15:05 EDT
The Queensland Government has today declared the majority of the state's south-east is in drought.
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Meteor shower on show this weekend

12:24 EDT
A meteor shower will be visible in the sky above Australia this weekend.
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Challenging day for firefighters in NSW

10:02 EDT
A burst of hot and windy weather will elevate fire danger ratings in NSW on Tuesday.
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Tonnes of hail-damaged fruit mulched after fears of another fruit fly outbreak in Riverland

ABC image 06:34 EDT
A month after a freak hailstorm that ripped through South Australia's Riverland, farmers are now dealing with the risk of a fruit fly outbreak due to the abundance of damaged fruit.
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Monday December 9, 2019

Hot weather set to hit Perth cricket Test with three consecutive 40 degree days

ABC licensed image 19:41 EDT
Perth is looking at potential heatwave conditions for the first time since February 2016, with temperatures expected to hover close to 40 degrees Celsius from Wednesday to Sunday this week, on the heels of a record-breaking start to summer.
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Australia's capital cities are getting hotter — but there are ways to cool them down

ABC image 18:21 EDT
High temperatures, increasing populations and reduced open spaces are just some of the factors behind rising urban heat in Australian cities, but experts believe there are several solutions to combat it.
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Early-summer heat to challenge records this week

12:21 EDT
Severe heatwave conditions will affect five states and territories this week, challenging December records and elevating fire danger ratings.
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Relocating fish by hand from drying watering holes has teenager braving barbs and saving 100 native fish

ABC image 07:39 EDT
A teenage boy from drought-ravaged Tenterfield is so worried about the health of the fish in his farm's river he has taken matters into his own hands to save them — one at a time.
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Sunday December 8, 2019

Melbourne mercury Yo-Yo's again

10:57 EDT
Temperatures are set to spike in Melbourne tomorrow, however it isn't set to last.
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NSW bushfires surround Sydney but conditions ease for now

ABC image 05:47 EDT
Conditions have eased since the New South Wales bushfire crisis arrived in Sydney on Friday, but authorities warn that residents are "not out of the woods yet".
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Saturday December 7, 2019

Keep your garden alive in summer through fire, drought, extreme heat

ABC image 18:31 EDT
As temperatures rise sharply, here are some simple tips to keeping your backyard alive and green during the hot summer months.
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Coldest maximum summer temperature on record at Thredbo

ABC image 13:34 EDT
While large parts of the country have been baking or battling bushfire, Thredbo in New South Wales recorded Australia's lowest maximum summer temperature on record.
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Hot horizons for Canberra

12:42 EDT
Canberra will see progressively warmer days this week, peaking in the high 30's.  The mercury will hit the low 30’s this weekend, and reach the mid 30's by the start of the working week.
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Cool change relieves Perth from record heat but only temporarily

09:16 EDT
Perth reached 38.9 degrees on Friday, the last in a run of four days in which the temperature exceeded 37 degrees.
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Queensland weather stokes bushfires, leading to emergency warning north of Lowood

00:20 EDT
A number of fires have broken out in South-East Queensland on Friday afternoon amid a severe heatwave, with the community of Redbank Creek, north-west of Brisbane, told to leave immediately.
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Friday December 6, 2019

Sydney high school students say they have a greater appreciation for agriculture after farm excursion

ABC image 19:05 EDT
City high school students say their visit to a working farm has given them a greater insight into the realities of agriculture, especially in times of drought.
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Heatwave hits eastern Queensland as outback air mass heads towards coast

17:58 EDT
A heatwave is gripping eastern Queensland, where some communities will sweat through temperatures up to 12 degrees Celsius above average today and tomorrow.
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Australia's drought may be causing New Zealand's glaciers to turn red

ABC licensed image 17:21 EDT
The drought gripping eastern Australia is having consequences as far as 2,000 kilometres away, with the ice on New Zealand glaciers turning red and pink.
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Bushfires devastate rare and enchanting wildlife as 'permanently wet' forests burn for first time

17:07 EDT
The rainforests along the spine of the Great Dividing Range, between the Hunter River and southern Queensland, are remnants of Gondwana, the ancient supercontinent that broke up about 180 million years ago.
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How did the massive hailstones that fell over southern Queensland form?

13:26 EDT

Some of the largest hailstones ever seen in Australia are thought to have plummeted to Earth over southern Queensland on Friday afternoon.

Australia will be sweltering next week, but Tasmania will be spared (mostly)

11:43 EDT

, but the same wind system that could push mainland states into record territory will have an entirely different effect on Tasmania.

Very hot spell on the way for Adelaide

11:26 EDT

A very hot four-day spree of 40 degrees plus is looming for Adelaide, and much of the rest of inland South Australia.