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Thursday August 6, 2020

Snow 'another blow' as northern Tasmanian businesses face damage bills

ABC image 18:59 EST
The biggest snow dump in northern Tasmania since the early 1970s has left one business with a $120,000 bill, while others are still counting the cost of the damage.
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Coldest morning in years chills parts of southeastern Australia

10:53 EST
Parts of southeastern Australia just had their coldest morning in more than a decade, with the mercury reaching -10 degrees in some areas.
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'They basically were starving': Concern over lack of food as koalas rescued from southern Queensland bushfires return to the wild

ABC image 06:48 EST
With as many as by last season's bushfires, young koala Tin Tin is one of the lucky ones.
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Rare blanketing for Launceston with more wild weather on the way

ABC licensed image 00:02 EST
Tasmania's wintry blast continued overnight on Tuesday, with Launceston in the state's north receiving its most significant snowfall since the early 1970s.
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Wednesday August 5, 2020

Rain looms for some drought-weary parts of Australia

17:22 EST
Useful rain will spread over South Australia, Victoria, NSW, and southern Queensland during the second half of this week.
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SA town records its lowest temperature as bureau forecasts rain and possible snow

ABC image 13:20 EST
Parts of South Australia have shivered through icy temperatures overnight, with one south-east town recording its coldest minimum on record.
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Calls for new funding model, improved infrastructure for Gippsland Neighbourhood House 'super centre'

ABC image 08:42 EST
Drought, fire, COVID-19 and recession have turned the humble community dwelling that is the Bairnsdale Neighbourhood House — once used for workshops and classes — into an outreach depot.
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BOM says signs of wetter months ahead as South Australia reels from dry July

ABC licensed image 06:28 EST
South Australians appear to have a fair chance of receiving average rainfall for the next two months, despite a near record-breaking dry July prompting recommendations for people to water their gardens.
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Cold front brings snow to Tasmania as weather alert issued for damaging winds

ABC licensed image 00:00 EST
Snow and wild weather across Tasmania has caused power cuts and road closures, stranding dozens of vehicles — and the Bureau of Meteorology predicting damaging winds for much of the south and east.
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Tuesday August 4, 2020

Albany pelted with record rain as severe weather warning remains in place for WA's South Coast

ABC image 18:06 EST
Albany has recorded its wettest August day on record with nearly a month of rain falling in 48 hours, leading to flooding.
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NSW crop production set to triple in size after sharp turnaround in rainfall

ABC image 16:23 EST
Growers are gazing ahead to a glorious harvest if the season continues as it is, after a sharp turnaround in rainfall for New South Wales this year.
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As the dust (storm) settles graziers need to remember 'the next drought is inevitable'

ABC image 15:01 EST
A leading expert on soils is urging farmers and graziers to maintain their ground cover now that drought conditions have eased.
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Hemsworth brothers inspire Tasmanian surfer girls' board names, but Layne Beachley still their hero

ABC image 13:54 EST
Emily Versluys's feet were simply the wrong colour after a freezing dawn surf in Tasmania, but they quickly thawed by the outdoor fireplace in a Turners Beach front yard.
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Western Victoria turned into 'winter wonderland' from blanket of snow

Audience submitted image 13:03 EST
Some of regional Victoria's most scenic spots are being blanketed with a light dusting of snow, courtesy of a wintry blast that's moving across Australia's south east this week.
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Icy blast as two low pressure systems bring snow, rain, hail and frost to southern Australia

ABC image 12:53 EST
At least if you are stuck inside at the moment the weather is doing its best to be uninviting.
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Low-level snow and damaging winds in TAS, VIC

11:18 EST
A burst of cold weather has brought snow to unusually low levels in Tasmania and Victoria during the last 24 hours and now, both states face the threat of damaging winds.
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Karratha faces a $6m clean-up bill after Tropical Cyclone Damien

ABC image 08:36 EST
The cost of cleaning up after Tropical Cyclone Damien, which smashed into the Pilbara in February stands at $5 million for the City of Karratha — and the job is not over yet, say local authorities.
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Monday August 3, 2020

Snow alert for Hobart as 'Antarctic air' sweeps towards Tasmania

ABC licensed image 22:17 EST
An icy blast of a kind not seen for five years is set to hit Tasmania, causing temperatures to plummet and snow to fall to 100 metres — with those planning to take to the wilderness warned if they get into trouble, help may not be able to reach them.
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BOM warns of flooding as WA's south coast gets first rain in years

ABC image 17:36 EST
South coast farmers have recorded their first significant rainfall in years, with the Bureau of Meteorology warning of potential flooding overnight.
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Perth weather hot and dry in July but wet start to August brings hope to farmers

ABC image 17:25 EST
Western Australia has posted its second-warmest July on record and rainfall was 56 per cent below average across the state, the latest data from the Bureau of Meteorology has revealed.
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Melbourne's coldest run of days since Howard became P.M.

13:36 EST
Melbourne is forecast to endure a four-day spell of cold weather that hasn't been seen in the city since the year John Howard was sworn in as Australia's Prime Minister.
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How low will it snow in southeastern Australia?

12:01 EST
An exceptionally cold air mass from Antarctica will cause low-level snow in southeastern Australia during the next 48 hours.
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Sunday August 2, 2020

Wintry blast to bring low level snow

16:59 EST
A vigorous cold front is marching towards the nation’s southeast and will bring a wintry blast including gusty winds, rain and low-level snow.
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A chilling week expected for Adelaide and Melbourne

12:18 EST
Temperatures forecast for as low as 6 degrees below the August average in Adelaide and Melbourne this week, as a cold front leaves a chilling airmass in its wake.
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'The freezing level': Helicopter rescue team's Achilles heel in Tasmania's high country

ABC licensed image 08:58 EST
Locals in Tasmania's high country are known to be fond of the saying there is "no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing".
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Saturday August 1, 2020

Wind, rain, thunderstorms and low temperatures for southwest WA

13:37 EST
A cold front, low pressure and a cold air mass will bring a mix of conditions to southwest Western Australia over the next week.
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Sydney July round-up

11:28 EST
Sydney has just had its wettest July since 2011, with 183mm of rain falling, nearly twice the average for this time of year.
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Councils have new tool to prepare communities for future natural disasters

ABC licensed image 09:42 EST
A new database is mapping what essential services communities have to help them prepare for future natural disasters, like drought, fires and floods.
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People urged to stay away from packed beaches as UK records third-hottest day ever

08:33 EST
Local authorities at England's Brighton Beach have asked people to stay away after crowds flocked to the nation's coast on the third-hottest day ever recorded in the United Kingdom.
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Friday July 31, 2020

Hobart's dry July

16:30 EST
Hobart just had its fourth driest July in 139 years of records.
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Western Australia's first snow of 2020 could hit this weekend

ABC image 14:10 EST
Western Australia could record its first snowfall of the year with a cold blast to hit the south of the state on Sunday.
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Thursday July 30, 2020

Simon McCulloch signs off after 15 years as the ABC's Tasmanian weather presenter

ABC licensed image 16:29 EST
When I first started presenting the weather on ABC TV back in 2005, Australia held the Ashes and my beloved Hawks were a bottom-four team.
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Near-record dry July in Adelaide

15:07 EST
In its final month of service, Adelaide’s Kent Town weather station just registered its driest July on record.
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Hunter Wetlands springs back to life after good soaking from east coast low

ABC image 13:47 EST
Six months on from the drought and bushfires that devastated New South Wales, volunteers at the Hunter Wetlands Centre are ecstatic with the recent healthy rainfall.
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Darwin feeling the 'chill'

10:36 EST
Darwin just registered its coldest morning so far this year for the second day in a row.
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Snow 'another blow' as northern Tasmanian businesses face damage bills

18:59 EST

The biggest snow dump in northern Tasmania since the early 1970s has left one business with a $120,000 bill, while others are still counting the cost of the damage.