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Riverina Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
00:00 EST
- 8/8 - -  
15:00 EST
30000 8/8 Cloud developing Mostly cloudy  
00:00 EST
- 8/8 - Precipitation  
15:00 EST
15000 8/8 Cu Ac Cs Distant precipitation Mostly cloudy  
09:00 EST
50000 5/8 Sc Ac Cs Cloud dissolving Mostly cloudy Changed muslin
09:00 EST
30000 7/8 Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy  
15:00 EST
10000 8/8 -- As Continuous moderate rain Rain
Mostly cloudy
00:00 EST
- 8/8 Recent precipitation -  
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Weather News

Melbourne's minimum warmer than maximum

17:37 EST

Overnight, Melbourne experienced very warm temperatures under a blanket of cloud ahead of a cold front.

Meet the future forecasters: Students studying to become meteorologists spend time with the Bureau

15:29 EST

There are few things farmers enjoy talking about more than weather, even if it's bad news, but it's not just farmers who have a keen eye on the skies.

The weather bureau details the seasonal outlook for Tasmania and whether any extra rainfall is on the horizon

14:40 EST

The weather bureau has released its latest seasonal outlook covering the three months of spring which says there are no strong indications for extra rainfall.