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Weather Warnings - Flood Warning - Fitzroy River

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Western Australia

A Commonwealth and State interagency partnership that provides
flood warning services for the community of Western Australia

Cancellation of Flood Warning for the Fitzroy River Catchment
Issued at 9:32 am WST on Sunday 23 February 2014
Western Australia Flood Warning Centre

The Fitzroy river at Willare is at 7.8 metres (Minor flood level 8.0 metres)
and falling slowly. The river is expected to remain below the minor flood level.

No significant rainfall had been recorded for the 24 hours to 9am today,
Sunday, and no significant rainfall is forecast in the catchment for the 24
hours to 9am Monday.

DFES's State Emergency Service (SES) advises people and communities to be aware
that flooding is possible and be prepared to relocate equipment and livestock.
Watch water levels. Travellers need to be aware that road conditions may be
adversely affected and travel plans may need to be reconsidered. Do not drive
into water of unknown depth and velocity. Floodwaters are dangerous and you
should not walk, swim or play in them. For SES assistance call 132 500.

Community information is available from DFES at www.dfes.wa.gov.au.

Current river levels are available from Department of Water at

This warning is available by dialling 1300 659 213. Warnings, rainfall and
river information are available at www.bom.gov.au/wa/flood

Weather Forecast:

For the latest weather forecast see www.bom.gov.au/wa/forecasts/

Next Issue:
No further warnings will be issued for the Fitzroy River unless conditions

Latest River Heights:
Hann River at Phillips Range 2.07m steady 08:00 AM SUN 23/02/14
Fitzroy River at Dimond Gorge 2.35m steady 08:00 AM SUN 23/02/14
Margaret River at Margaret River Gorge 1.55m steady 07:05 AM SUN 23/02/14
Leopold River at Mount Winifred 0.87m steady 07:00 AM SUN 23/02/14
Margaret River at Mount Krauss 0.89m steady 07:05 AM SUN 23/02/14
Fitzroy River at Fitzroy Crossing Br 3.02m steady 07:55 AM SUN 23/02/14
Christmas Creek downstream of Homestead 0.38m steady 07:00 AM SUN 23/02/14
Fitzroy River at Noonkanbah 4.41m steady 08:00 AM SUN 23/02/14
Fitzroy River at Fitzroy Barrage 2.93m steady 08:00 AM SUN 23/02/14
Fitzroy River at Looma 5.07m steady 08:00 AM SUN 23/02/14
Fitzroy River at Willare 7.80m steady 08:00 AM SUN 23/02/14

Information on road conditions contact Main Roads WA Customer Contact Centre on
138 138 or at www.mainroads.wa.gov.au.
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