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Australian Chart Summary

Sunday - Latest

A cold front and trough are leaving showers in their wake over parts of TAS. Onshore winds are bringing a few showers to northeast QLD, while a trough inland is not producing rain. A dominant high pressure system is producing a clear, cold morning in many parts.

Sunday 22:00 EST

Weak troughs will help cause patchy light rain over the Nullarbor, SA, western QLD and the northeastern tropics. A front will cool the NSW coast with brisk winds. A high will keep much of NSW dry and cause brisk wind to ease and most showers to clear in VIC, TAS and southeast SA.

Monday 22:00 EST

Weak troughs will cause only patchy light rain over the interior and northeast tropics. Onshore winds on the QLD and northern NSW coast will cause a few showers. A weak front will maintain showers in western TAS. A high will confine showers in VIC and southern WA to the coast.

Tuesday 22:00 EST

Troughs will deepen and gain moisture, causing rain to scatter across the central and eastern interior and for the odd storm to develop. A high will keep much of southern NSW, VIC and SA dry with light winds, continuing the run of cold mornings. The high will keep much of WA dry.

Wednesday 22:00 EST

Troughs will merge and gain moisture, causing rain to become widespread and heavier in QLD and NSW. A high will keep much of VIC, TAS, SA and central Australia dry, continuing the run of cold mornings. A front will bring rain, brisk winds and a colder change to southwest WA.

Thursday 22:00 EST

Troughs in the east should become focussed offshore, causing most rain in QLD and NSW to clear. A vigorous front will spread rain, the odd storm and colder winds across southern WA. Northerly winds ahead of the front will be mild and dry and will strengthen in SA and TAS.

Friday 22:00 EST

A vigorous front will send strong winds, showers and a colder change across southern WA, SA, TAS, VIC and later into southern NSW. Showers are likely to turn as snow on the highlands in TAS and the Alps in VIC and NSW later. Onshore winds on the QLD coast should cause showers.

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