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Northern Territory Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
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Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
09:00 CST
25000 4/8 Cu -- Cs Sky unchanged Cloudy at times Terrestrial Min reset to 31.9 @ 1630hrs on 8/12/16
09:00 CST
25000 4/8 Cu -- Ci Cloud developing Cloudy at times  
09:00 CST
20000 7/8 Cu -- -- Cloud developing Mostly cloudy  
Victoria River
09:00 CST
40000 4/8 -- Ac Cc Sky unchanged Mostly clear T.M @1800 0n 08/12/16 41.3C*
09:00 CST
15000 6/8 Sc -- -- Cloud developing Cloudy at times  
09:00 CST
30000 8/8 Cu -- -- Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy terr reset 0900
Alice Springs
09:00 CST
40000 2/8 -- Ac Cc Sky unchanged Rain
Cloudy at times
15:00 CST
40000 clear Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
09:00 CST
20000 clear Cloud dissolving Mostly clear clear blue skies-mild temps
09:00 CST
30000 1/8 -- -- -- Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
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16:36 EDT

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15:55 EDT

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