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Northwest Coast Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
06:00 EDT
- 7/8 - -  
06:00 EDT
- 8/8 Mist -  
09:00 EDT
50000 3/8 Cu -- Ci Cloud developing Cloudy at times gust over 30 knots at times
06:00 EDT
- 8/8 - -  
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Weather News

Fighting climate change: How emergency services are battling changing conditions

17:13 EDT

California has been battling the most destructive fires in its history and the .

Sweaty day in SA, but relief is on the way

14:43 EDT

Adelaide just registered its first 36 degree day of the season as hot northerly winds fanned the state on Monday.

Cut-off low inbound, severe weather looms

11:52 EDT

A cold air mass surging north from the Southern Ocean this week will clash with a pool of warm, moisture-laden air sitting over Australia, causing an outbreak of severe weather across multiple states and territories.