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West Coast Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
15:00 CDT
- 2/8 - -  
09:00 CDT
75000 8/8 -- Ac -- Sky unchanged Drizzle
Mostly cloudy
09:00 CDT
50000 7/8 -- Ac -- Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy  
15:00 CDT
- 2/8 - -  
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Weather News

Fire risks as Victorians warned of severe weather conditions

15:12 EDT

It's hot and windy across Victoria today and if a fire starts up, it will be very hard to stop, warns Victoria's Emergency Management Commissioner.

Tropical Cyclone Marcus moves past Darwin as police rescue two people

14:59 EDT

NT Police have rescued two people and are urging residents to stay indoors as Tropical Cyclone Marcus moves past Darwin as a category two system.

Cyclone Marcus: What you need to know at a glance

14:48 EDT

Tropical Cyclone Marcus was upgraded to a category two system before it began passing over Darwin.