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Friday October 28, 2016

Flooding lingers in NSW

12:00 EDT
Parts of western and southern New South Wales are still underwater, despite rain easing across most of the state in recent weeks.
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Flooding Murray River forces houseboats to the Darling

ABC image 07:41 EDT
Mildura houseboat operators are moving their fleets off the Murray River to the Darling River because of rising water levels, faster flows, and increased debris.
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Thursday October 27, 2016

Victoria's mosquito population soars after wet spring, prompting early warning

ABC image 18:04 EDT
Floods and heavy rains in Victoria have caused mosquito numbers to soar, prompting the state's health authorities to issue an early warning.
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Aurora Australis dazzles Tasmania's night sky

ABC licensed image 17:52 EDT
The Aurora Australis, or southern lights, has dazzled the night sky in Tasmania.
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Australia's superb snow season

17:06 EDT
The 2016 snow season continues to impress, with statistics piling up like‚?¶snow.
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Stormy Friday looms

15:30 EDT
Thunderstorms developing over northeast New South Wales and southeast Queensland this afternoon are just a preview for an action-packed Friday.
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Lower Goulburn River floodwaters bring environment to life in wetlands

ABC image 10:50 EDT
Floodwaters can bring destruction to homes, crops and infrastructure but they can also bring life.
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BOM, CSIRO forecast more hot days, longer fire-danger season in State of the Climate report

ABC image 07:04 EDT
Hot days will become more frequent in states such as South Australia, resulting in more extreme fire danger weather and longer fire danger seasons, a report on climate change has found.
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State of the Climate report 2016: Extreme heat events increasing in duration, frequency and intensity

ABC image 00:03 EDT
The duration, frequency and intensity of extreme heat events have increased across large parts of Australia, a climate report has found.
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Wednesday October 26, 2016

Delightful Derby Day, Cool Cup

15:10 EDT
Melbourne's volatile weather will live up to its reputation during this year's Melbourne Cup carnival.
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Meet Angeline Prasad, the Top End's senior weather forecaster

ABC image 14:51 EDT
As a kid growing up in Fiji, a howling cyclone was a chance to stay up late, swap ghost stories and eat specially-made Indian stuffed bread for Darwin meteorologist Angeline Prasad.
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High Murray River levels causes concern and cancellations in north-west Victoria

ABC image 14:19 EDT
High water levels in the Murray River are forcing events and attractions in north-west Victoria to be cancelled.
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Stormy end to October for NSW

12:46 EDT
It will be a thundery end to the week in New South Wales, with storms possible each day from now until Sunday.
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Tuesday October 25, 2016

Mid-week warmth on the east coast

21:10 EDT
It will be a warm Wednesday for those living along the eastern seaboard as the spring temperature see-saw takes a swing.
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National cherry crop wipe out could benefit the small West Australian industry

16:49 EDT
West Australian cherry growers could benefit from the massive drop in cherries expected to be grown on the east coast of Australia.
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Historic year for carbon dioxide concentration

14:56 EDT
The amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has reached an unprecedented peak and is on track to set a new record in 2016.
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Entire crops decimated by freak hail storm in central west New South Wales

ABC image 13:41 EDT
Thousands of hectares of grain crops in New South Wales have been decimated in a freak hail storm.
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Cold, wet weather could mean significantly fewer cherries this Christmas

ABC image 11:46 EDT
Australia's cherry production is expected to halve this year due to cold weather and prolonged wet conditions.
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Calls to install more flood gauges in NSW Lachlan Valley after concerns about lack of accurate data

ABC image 11:33 EDT
There are calls for more flood gauges across the Lachlan Valley in central west New South Wales after concerns about a lack of accurate data across areas affected by flooding.
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Monday October 24, 2016

Queensland Government calls in Roma flood levee extension amid court challenge

ABC image 18:05 EDT
The Queensland Government will have the final say in assessing a major flood mitigation levee for Roma in the state's southern inland.
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Unrecorded rainfall a dampener on debate around Tennant Creek satellite

ABC image 15:54 EDT
Residents in Tennant Creek say last weekend's rainfall was not recorded by the system that controversially replaced the local weather radar last year.
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Dangerous swells march up the east coast of Australia

14:46 EDT
A deep low pressure system located over the Tasman Sea has whipped up wild winds and large waves in the past 24 hours, with maximum wave heights peaking at eight metres off the coast from Sydney.
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Jack Frost brings a late chill over NSW

14:30 EDT
New South Wales residents woke up to a chilly start to the working week.
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Australian outback in full bloom with best wildflower display in 30 years

ABC image 11:13 EDT
A record-breaking and continuous winter downpour has caused an explosion of colour in the Australian outback, with country from Coober Pedy in South Australia to Toowoomba in Queensland green and dotted with wildflowers.
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Sunday October 23, 2016

Footy weather keeping race-goers and cricketers wrapped up

19:21 EDT
Melbourne has chilled through its coldest pair of days this late in the year since 1983, reaching a footy-season like 13.2 degrees on Saturday and 14.2 on Sunday.
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Cooler start to the working week for southwest WA

12:21 EDT
Following a nice Sunday to end the weekend, the mercury is set to plunge on Monday as a cold front welcomes the working week.
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Saturday October 22, 2016

Melbourne weather: 'Bleak' weekend forecast with warmth unlikely until November, BOM says

ABC image 23:01 EDT
Hail storms, heavy rain and gusty winds have lashed Victoria and hundreds of people have called for help from emergency services as a cold front moved across the state.
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Wild storms lashed central NSW

14:54 EDT
Destructive winds unleashed significant damage in Parkes on Friday evening, possibly due to a tornado.
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Third time's a charm at Auckland's Eden Park

12:16 EDT
Conditions will be good for players and spectators alike for the third Bledisloe Cup match at Auckland's Eden Park tonight.
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Friday October 21, 2016

Perth blanketed in smoky haze from prescribed burns as alert issued

ABC image 19:01 EDT
A smoke haze across Perth from prescribed burns has prompted an alert from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.
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Myrtleford flood clean-up continues two weeks on

ABC image 15:50 EDT
It has been more than two weeks since floodwaters inundated parts of Myrtleford in Victoria, but there is still some cleaning up to do.
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From wind to rain in the southeast

11:52 EDT
Victoria and Tasmania won't have time to recover from damaging winds this morning, with rain threatening to cause flooding across both states in the next 24 hours.
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Victoria hit by damaging winds, with gusts over 100kph; homes without power

ABC image 11:05 EDT
Hundreds of Victorians have been left without power as strong winds batter the state, with gusts of more than 100 kilometres per hour recorded at Melbourne airport.
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Sydney smoke explained

10:18 EDT
Smoke blanketing Sydney this morning gave a face to a typically invisible phenomenon in our atmosphere, known as a temperature inversion.
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Boy rescued from Naracoorte cave, as SA wild weather keeps emergency crews busy

ABC image 09:56 EDT
Emergency workers have used a little olive oil and a harness to rescue a 12-year-old boy who became trapped about 15 metres underground in a cave at Naracoorte in the south-east of South Australia.
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Thursday October 20, 2016

Victoria weather: Damaging wind expected overnight in Victoria with wind gusts up to 100kph

20:22 EDT
Victorians are being urged to batten down the hatches ahead of severe winds expected overnight.
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Snow sticking around in the Alps

18:42 EDT
Australia's alps will receive more late-season snow this weekend, helping to maintain the best late-season cover in over 20 years.
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How to prepare as a mosquito explosion hits the Top End

ABC image 16:13 EDT
A big, thick fur coat isn't usually any good for the Top End's muggy climate but it is about to come in handy for some.
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Weather bureau confirms wettest period on record for New South Wales

ABC image 13:48 EDT
The Bureau of Meteorology has labelled the past five months as the wettest period on record in New South Wales.
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Severe weather looms for Victoria

13:45 EDT
Victoria is bracing for a wild end to the week, with damaging winds and heavy rain expected to lash the state tonight and on Friday.
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SA weather: Safety settings caused wind farms to reduce output during SA's blackout, regulator says

ABC image 01:02 EDT
Safety settings that kicked in during SA's wild storms caused a number of wind farms to disconnect or reduce their output in the lead up to the statewide blackout, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has said.
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Wednesday October 19, 2016

Down and up in the south

16:38 EDT
Adelaide is riding the spring temperature see-saw this week.
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Rare double lunar rainbow or moonbow captured by UK photographer

16:16 EDT
A rare lunar rainbow ‚?? or moonbow ‚?? has been captured by a photographer in northern England.
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SA blackout: What do AEMO's findings into the statewide power outage actually mean?

ABC licensed image 13:53 EDT
The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has updated its preliminary findings into South Australia's blackout last month.
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Wet end to the week

13:41 EDT
All states and territories will receive rain between Friday and Monday, although some thirsty ares will miss out once again.
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Tuesday October 18, 2016

Flash flooding in PNG leaves seven dead, authorities say

20:16 EDT
Seven people have died in flash flooding in a mountainous part of Papua New Guinea, local authorities reported.
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Tasmania floods: Flyover reveals long road to recovery four months after June disaster

ABC image 17:07 EDT
A flyover of flood-devastated Tasmania reveals there is still a long road to recovery ‚?? with bridges destroyed, paddocks waterlogged and debris remaining four months after the disaster.
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Flooding rain boosts Murray-Darling water supply

15:32 EDT
Water storages in the Murray-Darling Basin have been replenished by record-breaking rainfall this year.
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Central Queensland business stronger after cyclone forced rebuild

ABC image 13:54 EDT
A central Queensland business owner says he is better prepared for the upcoming cyclone season after Cyclone Marcia destroyed his livelihood.
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Flooded farmers say illegal levees could double their losses

Audience submitted image 13:05 EDT
Flood damage in southern New South Wales might have been exacerbated by levees built without appropriate consultation and approvals, landholders say.
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Weather News

Flooding lingers in NSW

12:00 EDT

Parts of western and southern New South Wales are still underwater, despite rain easing across most of the state in recent weeks.

Flooding Murray River forces houseboats to the Darling

07:41 EDT

Mildura houseboat operators are moving their fleets off the Murray River to the Darling River because of rising water levels, faster flows, and increased debris.

Victoria's mosquito population soars after wet spring, prompting early warning

18:04 EDT

Floods and heavy rains in Victoria have caused mosquito numbers to soar, prompting the state's health authorities to issue an early warning.