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Thursday January 17, 2019

Heatwave causing Canberrans to brave the not-so-popular waters of Lake Burley Griffin

ABC image 10:48 EDT
The man-made Lake Burley Griffin is the watery centrepiece of the national capital, splitting Canberra into north and south.
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Sewing hair scrunchies raises money for drought-affected communities

ABC licensed image 10:32 EDT
Alice Baxby wasn't around to enjoy (endure) the scrunchie hair trend of the 1980s and '90s, but the Brisbane tween is selling hundreds of the hair ties to help families struggling with the drought.
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Australian heat records tumble as heatwave rolls on

10:27 EDT
Record-challenging heat will linger through central and eastern Australia during the next two days, as the mercury starts to drop in the nation's south.
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Pram covers can overheat children inside, safety experts warn

ABC image 08:54 EDT
Using a blanket to shield your baby's pram from the heat could prove deadly, children's safety advocates warn.
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Heatwave update: Temperatures are expected to peak over the coming days

ABC image 01:21 EDT
Tennis players are sweating, toxic ozone warnings are out for Sydney and fruit is cooking on the branches.
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Wednesday January 16, 2019

Fifty bushwalkers airlifted to safety in Tasmania's south as fires burn across state

ABC licensed image 19:22 EDT
Fifty bushwalkers have been airlifted to safety in Tasmania's Southwest National Park after lightning strikes sparked a series of fires across the state.
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BOM forecasts 47C in outback NSW as heatwave sparks ozone gas warning in Sydney's west

ABC image 15:28 EDT
Records have tumbled for the hottest January day in several NSW towns as the state endures day two of a severe heatwave.
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Records falling as heatwave continues

14:21 EDT
Talking about breaking heat records in Australia this summer is starting to sound like, well, a broken record.
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Where is the monsoon?

13:09 EDT
It's been a slow start to northern Australia's wet season, but a burst of tropical rainfall - and potentially increased tropical cyclone activity - could be on the horizon.
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Extreme temperatures burn stone fruit from inside out, causing severe loss

ABC image 09:10 EDT
Extreme heat in South Australia is leading to heavy losses for stone fruit growers, with their produce burning from the inside out.
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Internet of Things rain gauge sends climate data to the cloud

ABC image 08:21 EDT
A rain gauge that sends rainfall data to 'the cloud' in real time could transform the way climate data is collected.
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Tuesday January 15, 2019

Temperature records broken in South Australian outback as bats fall from trees in Adelaide

ABC licensed image 17:14 EDT
Temperature records have been broken in Port Augusta and Tarcoola as South Australia suffers through an extreme heatwave.
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Does the heat really feel hotter in Tasmania than it does on the mainland?

ABC licensed image 15:00 EDT
If you've been to Tasmania, you might have heard locals remark that the sun's rays feel hotter on the island state than they do in other parts of Australia.
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Temperatures in regional towns top 45C, Sydney's west swelters amid heatwave

ABC licensed image 14:43 EDT
New South Wales is set to break temperature records over the next few days, with sweltering temperatures into the mid-40s expected across the state.
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Dry start to the dry season in Perth

14:33 EDT
Perth has experienced an unusually dry spell of weather during the last two and a half months, its driest such period in 46 years.
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Record-challenging heat spreads across Australia

08:37 EDT
Another heatwave will spread across the southern half of Australia this week, challenging records in some areas and elevating fire danger ratings in a number of states and territories.
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Fire damage in Tasmania's south-west wilderness revealed in new photos

ABC image 08:36 EDT
New photos have revealed the extent of the damage by a large fire burning in national park in Tasmania's south-west wilderness.
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NT emergency services plea for hikers to stop ignoring heat warnings in the Red Centre

ABC image 07:40 EDT
Frequent, urgent warnings from Northern Territory police, paramedics and park rangers to avoid hiking during a scalding Central Australian heatwave continue to go ignored.
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Monday January 14, 2019

Victorian weather records under threat as towns brace for hot days in mid-40s

ABC image 21:32 EDT
Victoria's north is set to swelter through a potentially record-breaking heatwave this week, with temperatures of up to 46 degrees Celsius forecast on Wednesday.
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Bat bites and scratches in heat-stressed Hunter, New England reach unprecedented levels

15:43 EDT
New South Wales health officials have issued a bat danger alert for the Hunter New England region with a person bitten or scratched every second day, including two by animals infected with a virus similar to rabies.
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Treaty on HFCs aims to curb global warming from greenhouse gases in air conditioning, refrigeration

11:42 EDT
In many parts of Australia, air conditioners have gone from being a luxury to what many consider a necessity.
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Weather 2018: This is your story, Australia

Audience submitted image 11:40 EDT
The Bureau of Meteorology has released its , an in-depth review of the weather with detailed analysis for the weather buffs.
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Australia set to swelter through heatwave, testing Tour Down Under and Australian Open heat policy

ABC image 11:36 EDT
Temperatures are set to soar across Australia this week, with the mercury expected to exceed 45 degrees Celsius in parts of Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.
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Sunday January 13, 2019

30 Degree week for Sydney

16:03 EDT
After a string of hot days over the past 3 weeks, Sydney could be in for a run of 30 plus degree days this week.
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Severe storms batter northern Australia

13:23 EDT
Late last night, northern Australia felt the impact of a large low pressure system as heavy rain, strong wind gusts and thousands of lightning strikes hit the region.
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Saturday January 12, 2019

Blue suede shoes and blue skies for the Elvis Festival

13:27 EDT
After widespread storms developed over New South Wales on Friday, the weekend will be a hot and sunny affair for the main events of the annual Parkes Elvis festival.
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Duck hunters handed shorter season as dry conditions impacts bird numbers

ABC image 13:14 EDT
Victoria's hunting regulator has shortened this year's season from 12 to nine weeks due to dry conditions and reduced bird numbers.
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Scorching week for Australia's interior

10:45 EDT
Much of Australia's interior is to heat to the forties each day for a week, some parts hitting 45 degrees each day.
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Friday January 11, 2019

Rosedale firefighters prepare for possible bushfire flare-up over weekend

ABC image 19:59 EDT
A fire that began in Rosedale, in Victoria's Gippsland, one week ago has now burnt more than 12,000 hectares of state forest and plantations.
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Thursday January 10, 2019

Queensland floodwaters wash ute off road, authorities airlift five stranded men

ABC licensed image 20:25 EDT
Five men stranded in floodwaters in north Queensland have been rescued without injury after their ute was washed off the road, but rescue authorities were delayed in getting to them because their helicopter was low on fuel when the men were spotted.
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BOM declares 2018 Australia's third-hottest year on record

ABC image 08:16 EDT
Don't let recent rain cloud your memory.
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Wednesday January 9, 2019

Australia's 2018 in weather: drought, heat and fire

19:12 EDT
Last year was a time of exceptional weather and record-breaking heat according to the Bureau of Meteorology's annual climate statement , which was released last night.
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Budgerigar murmuration captures attention in Queensland's northern outback

ABC image 18:13 EDT
Thousands of green budgies have been spotted flying en masse over grazing land in north-west Queensland, with several local residents taking to their phones in a bid to capture the noisy and spectacular sight.
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Parking tickets waived by caring inspectors mindful of drought-hit community's coffers

ABC image 14:49 EDT
When you overstay your welcome in a parking space, the sight of a slip of paper on your car windscreen is enough to fill most drivers with dread, make them break out in a cold sweat or curse.
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Another day, another dust storm in NSW

10:52 EDT
Dust storms and thunderstorms swept across southern NSW on Tuesday, covering some farms and regional towns in dirt and delivering welcome rain to others.
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Ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny soaks central Queensland

09:06 EDT
The heaviest rain in two years has fallen in parts of central Queensland as Ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny edges closer to the state's eastern tropical coastline.
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Dust storm turns regional NSW town red as parts of NSW hit by another thunderstorm

ABC image 00:57 EDT
A severe dust storm spread across parts of regional NSW on Tuesday afternoon, as large areas of NSW were hit heavy rainfall and strong winds that swept over the state.
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Tuesday January 8, 2019

Cyclonic system bringing more heavy rain to northern Queensland

ABC licensed image 16:28 EDT
Residents in northern Queensland are being urged to prepare for wild weather and flooding, with ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny expected to dump hundreds of millimetres of rain across coastal communities from Rockhampton to Cairns over the next few days.
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Exceptionally hot, dry year for the Murray Darling Basin

15:48 EDT
The Murray Darling Basin just experienced its hottest and one of its driest years on record.
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Ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny update

14:19 EDT
Heavy rain and strong wind are affecting central Queensland today as Ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny slowly moves towards the state's east coast.
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Monday January 7, 2019

What causes the spectacular bolts of crawler lightning to flash across the sky?

ABC image 19:25 EDT
Tentacles of light flashed across the night sky over the weekend but what causes the spectacular crawler lightning? Jackson Browne, meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology, Darwin has shed some light on the issue.
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WA heat set to spread across Australia

17:44 EDT
Australia's furnace will be baking during the next week as temperatures soar into the high forties in parts of WA's Pilbara District.
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Heavy rain, strong winds loom for eastern Queensland

11:16 EDT
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny could bring a burst of heavy rain and strong wind to parts of Queensland's east coast during the next few days.
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Sunday January 6, 2019

Sydney pharmacist electrocuted as helpless neighbours watch in horror during damaging Sydney storms

ABC licensed image 20:34 EDT
A neighbour has described the devastating moment a well-respected community member and father of three was electrocuted by a fallen powerline in Sydney's south-west last night.
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Brief respite from heat in sight for WA

14:50 EDT
It may feel like it will never be cool over the western parts of the nation again, but southwestern WA should see some respite from the scorching temperatures towards the end of the coming week.
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Heat out with a bang

12:04 EDT
Yesterday saw the end of a sustained period of heat for many, with thunder and lightning marking the beginning of fresher conditions.
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Saturday January 5, 2019

Noonkanbah Station investigated for neglect after hundreds of cattle found dead

ABC image 13:03 EDT
A remote pastoral station is under investigation after hundreds of cattle allegedly died from being left without adequate water in scorching conditions.
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Cool change in sight for Canberra

10:30 EDT
The past two weeks have been hot and sticky in Canberra, but a cool change is finally on the way.
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Record hot spell coming to abrupt end in Sydney

08:42 EDT
Sydney's record-breaking hot spell is about to end abruptly, cooling by more than 10 degrees this afternoon and staying cool for a few days.
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Drowning at Casuarina Sands prompts call for lifesavers at Canberra's rivers

ABC image 08:06 EDT
The death of a 35-year-old man at Casuarina Sands to Canberra's west this week has prompted calls for lifesavers at popular river swimming spots.
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Weather News

Heatwave causing Canberrans to brave the not-so-popular waters of Lake Burley Griffin

10:48 EDT

The man-made Lake Burley Griffin is the watery centrepiece of the national capital, splitting Canberra into north and south.

Sewing hair scrunchies raises money for drought-affected communities

10:32 EDT

Alice Baxby wasn't around to enjoy (endure) the scrunchie hair trend of the 1980s and '90s, but the Brisbane tween is selling hundreds of the hair ties to help families struggling with the drought.

Australian heat records tumble as heatwave rolls on

10:27 EDT

Record-challenging heat will linger through central and eastern Australia during the next two days, as the mercury starts to drop in the nation's south.