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Mellissa Mackellar, 24 Oct 2012, 4:44 AM UTC

Red Hot in the Red Centre

Red Hot in the Red Centre
Alice Springs has sweltered through one of its longest hot spells on record, but relief from the heat just around the corner. Wednesday was Alice Springs' hottest October day in the last 10 years. The scorching top of 41 degrees marks their eighth day in a row of temperatures above 38. This is the hottest and longest spring heat wave that locals have had to endure since 2006. The current state of sea surface temperatures over the Indian Ocean is leading to less evaporation and cloudiness over central Australia, allowing heat to build and keeping the Red Centre dry. No rainfall has been recorded in Alice Springs this month, leaving vegetation dehydrated. To add to the extreme heat, dry gusty winds have lead to extreme fire danger in the region during the past week. A reprieve from the scorching heat is on the way, thanks to a low pressure trough crossing central Australia. Tomorrow will warm to the low thirties, with a possibility of refreshing thundery showers. Further showers are then expected on Friday with cooler southerly winds bringing a top of just 24 degrees. Temperatures will reach the high twenties over the weekend before heat starts to build again early next week, bringing another run of hot days.
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