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Mount Barker Springs woman rescued after becoming trapped in flooded creek for 40 minutes

By Camron Slessor, Friday August 9, 2019 - 15:09 EST

A woman has been rescued from a "wildly rushing" flooded creek after being trapped in the water for about 40 minutes, clinging onto a tree branch to stay afloat.

Police said they were called to a property on Springs Road at Mount Barker Springs just before 10:00pm on Thursday following reports that a woman had fallen into a fast-flowing creek.

Chris Moore posted on social media following the ordeal and said she had gone to check on the kangaroos, ducks and geese on her property amid the horrendous weather conditions.

The owner of Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, said she had been warned not to go anywhere near the creek by her partner — who she referred to as "Dogfather" — just moments before the incident.

"The Dogfather implored me not to do it — saying you'll get swept away and die, but I decided that was unlikely and he was being melodramatic," she posted.

"I was proceeding OK until the bank of detritus ended.

"At that point, the sheer force of the water swept me off my feet and into the water."

'I grabbed a branch that was above me'

She said she tried to grab the edge of the bridge, rocks or anything else within reach, but was quickly engulfed in water.

"I managed to grab a couple of slender twigs sticking out of the ground — suckers from a nearby tree and pull myself up," she said.

"I grabbed a branch that was above me to ensure I could stay on my feet and stay upright.

"The problem was though — I was stuck. I would be swept away again if I let go of the branch and there was nothing else in any direction I could use to help me make my way out."

Hills Fleurieu police were called to the scene and searched the creek banks before locating Ms Moore in the water.

Police said she had been in the water for about 40 minutes and while the State Emergency Service (SES) was called, police did not wait for extra resources.

With the assistance of a neighbour and the woman's husband, who raised the alarm with emergency services, a police officer tied a rope around his waist and entered the water.

He was able to reach the woman and pull her to safety.

"I was pretty cold and started shivering. I remember telling myself I needed to stop and just calm down," she said.

"One of the guys stripped off his jacket, emptied his pockets and with a rope tied around him and others on the bank, waded out to help me in."

'Little escapade' to haunt her for some time

Police said the woman was not injured and was treated at the scene by ambulance officers.

Ms Moore said she was incredibly embarrassed to have involved so many people on her "adventure".

"I've been very lucky to escape with sore hands, a graze on my knee and a very cranky Dogfather," she said.

"In hindsight, perhaps I should have gone with the other idea I had — to have a second glass of wine instead of going off on a boy's own adventure.

"I suspect this little escapade is going to haunt me for some time to come."

It came as with the State Emergency Service (SES) responding to multiple calls for flooding and trees down, mostly in the Adelaide Hills.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) also issued a minor flood warning for the upper Onkaparinga River through Oakbank and Verdun yesterday, just a few kilometres away from the rescue scene.

Two men were also killed in a on Thursday amid what police described as "horrendous" conditions.

More than 4,500 homes and businesses remain without power across the state.


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