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04 Feb 2013, 11:53 PM UTC

Mackay sets January heat record

Mackay sets January heat record
Mackay has set a new record for its hottest January maximum temperature. The weather bureau's Jeff Sabburg says the mercury hit 39.6 degrees on January 28. The previous record was 38.5 degrees, set in 2006. Mr Sabburg says rainfall towards the end of the month made conditions very uncomfortable. "So when you still have the high temperatures with the humidity your apparent temperature tends to feel like it's warmer than the actual ambient temperature," he said. "So that's probably why people were feeling it from the extreme of the dry heat then into the wet heat if you like." Mr Sabburg says the average night-time temperature was a balmy 24 degrees, equalling the record set in 1998. He says overall this January was warmer than the long-term average. "The mean for January was 31.6, now that was 1.5 degrees Celsius above the long-term average but nevertheless it didn't set a new record," he said. "The highest reached, this was the actual temperature, was 39.6 on the 28th, which was the highest."