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Friday February 28, 2020

Murray-Darling Basin Plan 'in action' after first major break in drought since deal was struck in 2012

ABC image 17:23 EDT
The first major flood after eight years of drought is flowing down the Balonne River in southern Queensland this week in what could be the first real test of the northern projects of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, struck in 2012.
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Melbourne's cool, wet summer by modern standards

14:49 EDT
Melbourne is likely to have just experienced its coolest summer in at least 15 years.
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This week's Perth storms are weather events the BOM finds almost impossible to predict

ABC image 11:50 EDT
Perth residents have been left bewildered this week as ferocious storms have appeared seemingly out of nowhere, causing widespread destruction in a matter of minutes.
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Rain potential for Red Centre and Murray Darling Basin

11:15 EDT
The remnants of Tropical Cyclone Esther could spread rain through drought-affected areas of central and southeastern Australia during the opening week of March.
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Farmers wait for Government's $100 million water to flow months after drought deal announced

ABC image 06:36 EDT
Months after paying for much-needed water, farmers in the southern Murray-Darling Basin are waiting for the Federal Government's Water for Fodder program to deliver.
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Thursday February 27, 2020

Bat clinic inundated as wildlife carers sign up en masse following bushfire disaster

ABC image 15:10 EDT
Wildlife carers on the New South Wales South Coast remain swamped with work in the wake of the bushfires, with a flying fox clinic seeing a 900 per cent increase in bats needing care.
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Five cyclones named, Gretel up next

15:03 EDT
As February draws to a close, five tropical cyclones have been named in Australia's area of responsibility since the start of the season.
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BOM's autumn outlook forecasts a generally drier north and wetter south

15:02 EDT
As the traumatic summer officially creeps to a close, it is with weary eyes that we look to what autumn might hold.
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St George flooding leaves no housing damage after Balonne River peaks

14:51 EDT
Floodwaters have peaked in the town of St George in Queensland's southern inland, with no damage to any houses, following an emergency declaration for the town.
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Thunderstorm hits Darwin as Ex-Tropical Cyclone Esther traverses the NT

10:55 EDT
The remnant low pressure system that was formerly Tropical Cyclone Esther is passing over the Northern Territory, causing heavy rain and severe thunderstorms.
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Ex-cyclone Esther bringing heavy rains to the north and could loop towards the middle of Australia, says BOM

ABC image 10:33 EDT
Ex-tropical cyclone Esther is tracking an unpredictable path across northern Australia and could loop towards central Australia next week, with the Bureau of Meteorology describing it as "a remarkable system".
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Canberra's urban forest threatened by extreme heat, drought — and drivers parking on nature strips

ABC image 09:55 EDT
If you park your car on the nature strip, beware — you're killing Canberra's street trees and the ACT Government will track you down.
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Wednesday February 26, 2020

WA storm prompts big clean-up as Perth dashcam video shows large tree crushing car

ABC image 20:25 EDT
Dramatic footage has emerged of a lucky escape on Perth's roads during a destructive storm authorities have described as the most severe to hit the city in almost a decade.
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Flooding in St George as Balonne River swells following Queensland rain

13:36 EDT
Swiftwater crews are on standby in St George in Queensland's southern inland, with dozens of homes in low-lying areas at risk of flooding from the rising Balonne River.
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Sydney: a hot day with thunderstorms and a southerly buster on the way

12:00 EDT
Temperatures will reach the low-to-mid thirties across the Sydney Basin on Wednesday, before thunderstorms rumble across the city's sprawling suburbs in the afternoon and a southerly buster charges up the coast in the evening.
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Dry end to summer as drought continues in western NSW

10:02 EDT
Dry weather will persist across most of NSW during the final days of February, with almost all of the state still affected by drought as summer draws to a close.
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Perth storm damages homes, brings down trees and causes peak-hour traffic chaos

ABC licensed image 00:54 EDT
A severe thunderstorm has struck Perth and surrounding parts of Western Australia, bringing damaging winds, heavy rainfall and hail and causing chaos in peak-hour traffic.
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Tuesday February 25, 2020

South-west Queensland watching floodwaters rise after rain drenches the state

ABC image 16:20 EDT
An emergency flood declaration has been declared for the township of St George in the southern inland as floodwaters continue to rise in south-west Queensland.
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Warm Coral Sea fuelling storms over Queensland

13:21 EDT
Unusually warm water in the Coral Sea is fuelling showers and thunderstorms over Queensland this week.
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Monday February 24, 2020

Tropical Cyclone Esther makes landfall in Gulf of Carpentaria

ABC image 19:21 EDT
Tropical Cyclone Esther has made landfall near the border of NT and Queensland as a category one system.
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Storms break Perth's dry weather spell this week ahead of Cyclone Esther's arrival in WA

ABC licensed image 18:57 EDT
Severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds, heavy rainfall and large hailstones will loom as a feature over Perth and WA's south-west for much of this week, as the state's north braces for another cyclone.
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Late-summer snow in Tasmania

16:20 EDT
A dusting of snow could settle on mountain tops in Tasmania during the middle of this week.
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Person rescued from roof of car in floodwaters in North Queensland amid heavy rain

ABC image 16:18 EDT
Swift water rescue teams in Mackay have been called out at least five times after more than 200 millimetres of rain fell in the past 24 hours.
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Tropical Cyclone Esther to bring flooding rain in QLD, NT

10:44 EDT
Tropical Cyclone Esther, which developed over the southern Gulf of Carpentaria on Monday morning, will bring flooding rain to parts of Queensland and the NT over the next several days.
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Queensland drought stopping Indigenous elder Steve Kemp from making Boomerangs

ABC image 10:43 EDT
An Indigenous elder says he has been unable to make traditional weapons or instruments for months because the drought is causing the wood he uses to crack.
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Flying fox used during 1955 Hunter Valley floods was built thanks to one good golf shot

ABC licensed image 08:46 EDT
Sixty-five years ago, the Hunter Valley experienced one of its worst floods on record in which 14 people died and more than 5,000 homes were affected.
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Cyclone Esther forms in Gulf overnight near NT-Queensland border

Audience submitted image 07:21 EDT
Tropical Cyclone Esther has developed into a category-one system in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
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Farmers still in the grip of drought despite widespread rain

ABC image 06:50 EDT
Third-generation sheep farmer Chris Blunt has not seen rain for so long that all 30 dams on his 1,000-hectare farm are empty.
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Sunday February 23, 2020

Flooding rain spreads west across southern and central Queensland inland

ABC image 16:47 EDT
More heavy rain is possible across Queensland's southern and central inland areas today in the wake of severe storms leading to flash flooding overnight.
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Twin tropical cyclones odds on for northern Australia

15:17 EDT
Two active tropical cyclones are a high chance over northern Australian waters on Monday.
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Very wet weekend for central QLD

10:15 EDT
Severe weather is likely for central and western parts of QLD on Sunday, with a further possible 100mm of rain expected to fall across already heavily saturated areas.  A low pressure system located over the state's southwest will continue to maintain a surface trough over the remainder of the weekend.
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Saturday February 22, 2020

Queensland's first cyclone of the season predicted to form in the Gulf

ABC licensed image 16:52 EDT
The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says it expects Queensland's first cyclone this season will form by Sunday afternoon in the Gulf of Carpentaria, near the Northern Territory-Queensland border.
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A bit of rain on the way for a dry Perth

14:22 EDT
After a very dry couple of months, Perth is finally getting a run of wet days, albeit nothing too heavy.
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'Rain guilt': When outback rain becomes a touchy subject to discuss with your neighbours

ABC image 10:11 EDT
"Did you get any rain? How much did you get? Much rain up your way?" These questions are part of any conversation in rural Australia.
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Cool days in Hobart

09:38 EDT
The running average maximum temperature this month is nearly two degrees below the long term average for February.
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Friday February 21, 2020

Tropical Cyclone Esther likely to form this weekend

21:14 EDT
A tropical cyclone is likely to form over the Gulf of Carpentaria this weekend before gaining strength and approaching the coast.
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CWA infuriated by Federal Government's 'disrespectful' drought grants program

ABC licensed image 20:03 EDT
The Country Women's Association (CWA) has slammed the Federal Government over its drought assistance, describing the latest funding announcement as "disappointing, infuriating, insulting and disrespectful".
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Facebook 'friends' help Luke crowdsource a path across floods to attend his daughter's birth

Audience submitted image 14:20 EDT
A New South Wales man's desperate journey through the state's flooded north to witness the birth of his daughter has taken the old adage 'it takes a village to raise a child' to the next level.
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Popular 1988 hot air balloon challenge from Perth to Sydney might be making a comeback

Audience submitted image 12:26 EDT
In 1988, the Bicentennial Balloon Challenge saw 78 balloons travel from Perth to Sydney to celebrate 200 years since the landing of the first British settlers.
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Flooding rain on the horizon for southern inland Queensland

11:32 EDT
A flood watch has been issued in southern Queensland for river catchments between Thargomindah and St George, ahead of heavy rain and thunderstorms this weekend.
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Eucalyptus trees in our suburbs spark safety debate among scientists and citizens

ABC image 09:52 EDT
Downed trees have caused widespread disruption for thousands of residents recovering from severe storms in recent weeks, fuelling renewed debate about how to better protect communities from the elements.
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Wombats rescued from floodwaters at Braidwood property after weeks of raging bushfires

ABC image 08:47 EDT
Like many Australians, Mick Mason and Kristen Abicair are taking time to reflect on an extraordinary summer.
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River towns back from the brink as inflows top up vital water supplies in western NSW

ABC image 07:27 EDT
A drinking water crisis has been averted in western New South Wales after widespread rain restarted rivers that were all but bone-dry just two weeks ago.
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The smell of rain, petrichor, inspired a Paul Kelly song and has the perfume industry sniffing around

ABC image 07:25 EDT
With large swathes of Australia receiving their first drenching in months, the distinct smell of rain is in the air.
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Thursday February 20, 2020

Paradise Dam inquiry hears key construction documents are yet to be located

ABC image 16:56 EDT
An independent Inquiry into the structural issues of Bundaberg's Paradise Dam has heard documents relating to its construction are missing, and appropriate core testing of its strength may not have occurred after it was built.
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Bulwer's petrel nicknamed Buggerlugs found on Cronulla RSL balcony and released closer to home

ABC licensed image 12:15 EDT
A rare bird normally found in the central Pacific, which lost its way and ended up on a pub balcony in Sydney, has been released back into its natural habitat.
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Tropical cyclone risk increasing for Gulf of Carpentaria

11:26 EDT
Communities surrounding the Gulf of Carpentaria should prepare for the development of a tropical cyclone this weekend or early next week.
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'Tsunami-like' floods destroy bushfire recovery steps leaving northern NSW coast reeling

ABC image 06:36 EDT
Communities on the north coast of New South Wales are struggling to recover from an extraordinary series of natural disasters.
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Wednesday February 19, 2020

BOM automates Townsville Airport Weather Station, infuriating mayors in region

Audience submitted image 18:54 EDT
The Bureau of Meteorology has apologised to North Queensland mayors who say they are shocked by the automation of a weather office in the cyclone zone despite the promise of further consultation.
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Mowing madness after rain brings lush, green grass to south-east Queensland yards

ABC image 15:44 EDT
It's hot and steamy with the strong smell of two-stroke fuel and grass clippings in the air, while a long line of customers wait to be served at Chris Walden's Bundaberg mower shop in south-east Queensland.
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The Insurance Law Service helps disaster victims take on insurers. Now it faces a big fight of its own

06:13 EDT

When Else Seligmann and Andrew Gardyne packed up their home to move to the country, they hoped for a simpler life.

Murray-Darling Basin Plan 'in action' after first major break in drought since deal was struck in 2012

17:23 EDT

The first major flood after eight years of drought is flowing down the Balonne River in southern Queensland this week in what could be the first real test of the northern projects of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, struck in 2012.

Melbourne's cool, wet summer by modern standards

14:49 EDT

Melbourne is likely to have just experienced its coolest summer in at least 15 years.