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By Rio Davis, 14 Oct 2021, 11:15 AM UTC

Flash flooding after deluge falls on Traralgon residents for third time this year

Flash flooding after deluge falls on Traralgon residents for third time this year
Source: ABC
The eastern Victorian town of Traralgon has faced its third round of flash flooding this year, with forecasts of even more rain on the way.   Traralgon received 40 millimetres of rain on Thursday afternoon, with 22 millimetres falling in a 30-minute period.  Local State Emergency Services crews responded to 68 calls for help in Traralgon, including from two people who had to be rescued after they tried to drive through floodwaters.  Regional agency commander with the SES Di Batley said it was a "timely reminder" about the danger of floodwaters.  "People do really need to be aware of their local area, and please, don't drive through floodwaters," she said.  She also said this year's previous flooding and high rainfall had made Traralgon Creek more likely to flood again.  "Historically, this amount of rain if it fell over a 12-hour period, there would be no impact to the community," she said.  "But as the catchments are so saturated at the moment, this just highlights how quickly the Traralgon creek can rise and affect roads."  'Not out of the woods'  Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Chris Arvier said Traralgon received 22 millimetres of rain in just half an hour.  "This showery weather is caused by a low pressure system which is moving away from the state, so the good news is conditions are likely to ease as we head into the weekend and beyond," he said.  "[But] we're not out of the woods yet. "There are still going to be more showers and thunderstorms unfortunately, but the good news is that the activity that we're expecting today isn't likely to be nearly as intense as what we saw yesterday."