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28 May 2008, 1:48 AM UTC

Eurobodalla mops up after hail storm

Eurobodalla mops up after hail storm
A hail storm hit parts of the Eurobodalla last night, damaging houses and shops, cutting power supplies and causing localised flooding. The storm hit about 8:30pm AEST, with the most severe impact around the Catalina and Deep Creek areas of Batemans Bay and near Mogo. Roads were covered with hail but police say there were no reports of accidents. The State Emergency Service (SES) says about 12 houses at Catalina were flooded after drains and downpipes became clogged with the heavy hail. Some shops at Batehaven have also reported to have been damaged. The storm also played havoc with communications, with phone lines cut and the SES having to re-route its emergency calls through the Wollongong headquarters. However, it says it was able to attend to most call-outs. Country Energy crews worked through the night on repairs to power equipment and had restored power to most areas by about midnight. The SES's Eurobodalla controller, Peter Collins, says there was a lot of hail in gutters. "All the ridges and valleys were filling up with hail and basically any water was just overflowing into houses," he said. "We finally got through 10 houses that were damaged, but I suspect that other people will get up this morning and find some wet floors." The SES is urging home owners in the Batemans Bay area to clear their roofs and gutters of hail today because it says the ice could remain there for some time and cause further water damage as it melts.
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