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By Sam Burgess, 07 Oct 2014, 12:42 AM UTC

'Diabolical trouble' afoot for parched Paroo Shire

'Diabolical trouble' afoot for parched Paroo Shire
The Mayor of the Paroo Shire Council in south-western Queensland says the region faces "diabolical trouble" and needs more government assistance. Temperatures in the region have been steadily climbing, drying out land which received little rain over late winter and early spring. Councillor Lindsay Godfrey says another failed wet season could spell disaster. "The governments say federally they're constrained, they have no money but without something serious happening out here in the bush I think a lot of the towns out here are doing it very, very tough and there's just diabolical trouble for the rural and town areas going into the future," he said. He says some farmers will not withstand another failed wet season. "There's a very different aspect wherever you go. There are some areas where they've had some showers on top of each other where there is some green feed around but generally vast percentages of the areas out here are very much struggling," he said.
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