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Crochet obsessive's temperature blanket a year-long labour of love

Jessica Hinchliffe, Sunday June 9, 2019 - 14:45 EST
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The blanket will eventually have 365 rows that record the temperature during the year. - ABC

This yarn is about a woman who is crocheting a blanket that records the temperature on each day of the year.

Although not a new concept, Tracy Kennedy's creation has attracted plenty of praise on social media.

"At first I put a photo in my local community Facebook page and people just began to share it," she told .

"The shares have really made me laugh — I even offered to teach a few people too."

Each day, Ms Kennedy crochets a row that corresponds with the temperature of the day before, with sections of orange, green and blue depicting the changing seasons.

"When I started I had to create a scale with the colours that I liked with enough colours to create interest," she said.

"I couldn't have too many colours as there's always a limit with how many yarns you can buy at the craft store.

"The scale is roughly 3 degrees per colour, with anything under 17C the darkest, coldest colour, and anything over 38 is the hottest, which is a deep red."

Hot and steamy summer creates a warm blanket

Queensland's warm summers meant the start of the blanket was comprised of yellows and oranges.

"There was a really hot day where I had to do a row of maroon, which was the hottest day for the year so far — upwards of 35 degrees," Ms Kennedy said.

"I always take it to the decimal point, so it has to be accurate."

She also documents the colours in a book to ensure the blanket's accuracy.

"I've never been weather obsessed before, but I am crochet obsessed and I use it as stress relief.

"I try to do it each day as I'm a real estate agent — things can get stressful, so it's my meditation.

"Sometimes I've missed 10 days if I've gone on holidays or fell sick, so I just sit down and catch up."

Varied weather makes for a colourful blanket

Ms Kennedy said other people had many variations of the temperature blanket, with some crocheting a granny square a day.

"They will do a row of the lowest temperature and a row of the highest temperature for each day — that's commitment," she said.

"If you see blankets out of other countries or from Melbourne, for example, they are more colourful than ours, which have consistent temperatures with blocks of colour, but they have varied coloured blankets with the differences in temperature."

So who ends up keeping the blanket at year's end?

"I have a couple who are very dear friends of mine and they loved it and commented on it and have been checking in with me as I do it, so they will get it once it's finished," she said.

Ms Kennedy plans to embroider the year in the bottom corner of the blanket as a record.

"I need to do that, because if I crochet 10 or 20 of them, I'll forget what the year is."

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