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Rob Sharpe, 14 Sep 2012, 4:11 AM UTC

Coolangatta's dry half-century

Coolangatta's dry half-century
Queensland's southeast coast has remained very dry over the last two months with Coolangatta recording its longest dry spell in over 27 years. It has been 49 days since the Gold Coast town has recorded rain in the gauge, making it the longest dry spell since records began in 1985. Brisbane has also been very dry with only 0.2mm of rain in the last 56 days, its driest period in over a decade. The prolonged dry period has been due to a number of factors. During the past two months, there have been few strong fronts, with nothing in the way of rain. Conditions have also been trending towards an El Niño weather pattern, which is associated with lower than usual rainfall. The dry spell is set to continue on Saturday with only a low chance of rain on Sunday, giving Coolangatta a good chance to exceed 50 days without rain. It will be a beautiful, mostly sunny weekend with only the chance of a light shower or two near the coast on Sunday. On Monday a low pressure trough will develop over Queensland, bringing showers to much of the state's southeast. However there is still an even chance that Coolangatta will go another day without rain. Tuesday is looking more certain to end Coolangatta's dry spell as the trough deepens, bringing showers and the chance of storms. There will be widespread falls of 5-10mm across Queensland's southeast on Tuesday with isolated areas likely to get more than 15mm. The much needed rain will bring relief to parched gardens and lawns. The rain will also remind people that the wetter months of the year are just around the corner.
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