Weatherzone Forum Guidlines


The Weatherzone Forum is intended to provide a forum for you to exchange information, opinions and comments with other like-minded weather enthusiasts. The following Rules and Guidelines are intended to help you enjoy and make the most of the Weatherzone Forums.

People may initially find the Forums a little intimidating, as there appear to be hundreds of people who have their own personas, cliques, connections and relationships. But the Forums are just like any other community, there are many connections between people which are not necessarily visible at first glance. To quote the " Forums" on the topic of introducing yourself to the forums "Make the right splash and you will be welcomed with all the enthusiasm of a New Years Eve party. Overstep the mark and you will find yourself on the outer like an unwelcome used car salesman."

If you're new to on-line communities, have a read of this page so you can have a general understanding of what to expect in the forums. If you are a regular at this type of on-line community, you'll enjoy the introduction to the Weatherzone Forums also.

Please remember that this is a public space, open to all age groups, so whilst we welcome your opinions, please word your comments appropriately. Foul language will be moderated. We prefer to allow the Moderators to use their good judgment.

It is your responsibility to know the boundaries for acceptable behaviour in the Weatherzone Forums. Unacceptable behaviour may result in being banned from Weatherzone Forums. We will usually provide a warning but warnings are not issued twice.

Weatherzone Forum Rules

The forum's primary objective is to provide a forum for you to exchange information, opinions and comments with other like-minded weather enthusiasts. The rules below will be enforced without fear or favour.

  1. Rights

    Weatherzone is a commercial organisation. Access and conduct on the Weatherzone Forum is not a "right". Members must adhere to the rules and abide by our standards. Posts or topics that have the potential to harm the image of Weatherzone or The Weather Company will be removed. We also take a negative view of members being unaware of these rules.

  2. Purpose

    The Weatherzone forum is intended for discussion about WEATHER. The "Lounge" area is for Weatherzone members to discuss non-weather topics. It is not intended to serve as a primary focus of conversation. Users who have an exceptionally high proportion of non-weather posts may lose their account at any time.

  3. Conduct

    Weatherzone is not a venue for "free speech". Hostile, abusive, and offensive conduct is prohibited. Ridicule and intimidation of another user constitutes a serious breach of our standards, and will often result in suspension or expulsion. When debating, be civil at all times and attack the point, not the person. Ad-hominem arguments are not tolerated.

  4. Quality and Spamming

    High post quality is a goal of the Weatherzone Forum. Do not contribute excessive numbers of "one-liners", "LOL", and "smilies". Using more than !!! or ??? or three smilies in a row (punctuation spamming) is ugly and annoying. Do not post in the "Lounge" without a corresponding number of quality weather posts. Breaches of these rules will result in warning, suspension, or termination without notice.

  5. Third-party content

    Weatherzone forums are an area for the exchange of weather ideas. Third-party material such as Bureau of Meteorology forecasts, quotes, news stories, weather data, statistics, and reference information may not be posted on Weatherzone unless it is (1) clearly provided as a brief quote and (2) includes informative comments by the poster. If you are unsure, simply post a link to the resource. For exceptions please contact a Moderator or Administrator in advance; in many cases an exception will be granted, especially if you want to share the results of a study you have done.

  6. Copyright

    Finding material on the Internet does not mean it is copyright free. If you use someone else's material or images in your posts ensure you have permission and/or acknowledge appropriately. This is entirely your responsibility. Weatherzone and its representatives do not monitor for copyright infringements.

  7. Nicknames and identities

    Weatherzone forum members can be identified by a nickname. It is a requirement that nicknames not be offensive, breach somebody's copyright or operate as a de-facto advertisement for a commercial organisation. Identities in breach of this rule will be changed and locked or deleted if the member does not voluntarily change upon request of the moderators or admins.

  8. Moderators

    The Administrator delegates authority to a team of Moderators who assist with management of the forum. The decision of a Moderator is binding unless the Administrator overrules the Moderator. Disobeying a Moderator will be treated the same way as disobeying an Administrator and may result in suspension or termination. Do not post public criticism about the Moderators. Many of the Weatherzone Forum moderators are volunteers and abide by the Moderator Guidelines set down by the Administrators. If you have an issue with the actions of one or more Moderators, direct all correspondence to the Administrators via the "Contact Us" link available at the bottom of every Forum page.

  9. Control

    The Weatherzone forum Administrator reserves absolute control over the forum, including but not limited to modifying operating policies and access privileges without notice; removing, editing, or closing any topic at any time; and suspending or deleting any user for any reason.

  10. Avatars

    You are free to upload your own avatar to your profile. Please note that avatars should be a maximum size of 100x100 pixels. Any inappropriate content will be removed by administrators and your access to the forum may be revoked. To edit your avatar, simply go to My Stuff -> Edit Profile, scroll down to the bottom and enter the URL of your avatar.

General Etiquette on all Forums

  • Observe what each Forum is about before posting.

  • Be polite, respect people's opinion.

  • Criticise ideas, not people.

  • No swearing (that includes ASCII swearing).

  • No flaming or trolling (i.e. deliberately picking fights with other members). Any personal attacks will not be tolerated.

  • No posting messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws.

Posting guidelines

  1. Lurk before posting

    Get a feel for each forum before you post. Each of the forums has a guide to what it is about, so a little time spent looking at each will mean you won't get upset about your thread being moved. Get to know the community etiquette, both written and unwritten.


    Do not type your subject and/or message body in ALL CAPS. This includes posting message titles in mostly CAPS. It is considered the on-line equivalent of yelling and rude. It's common etiquette to type predominately in lower case as per normal written English.

  3. Post topics in the appropriate Forum

    Resist the temptation to post something off topic because you think you'll get "better responses" in a particular forum. If you post a topic in a forum where it does not belong it will be moved by the moderators. Know what each forum is for.

  4. Use descriptive subject lines

    This reduces the chances of double-posting, and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do/don't want to read. Also check back through the last three or four days to see if a similar thread has already been started. For major weather events, put a date (or range of dates) of the event in the subject, so that people don't get confused as to which event the thread is about.

  5. Using UBB code

    UBB code is enabled on the Weatherzone Forums and is useful for inserting hyperlinks, images, smilies and formatting. HTML is currently not permitted; neither is the use of Java, JavaScript, iframes and embedded objects. Do not attempt to disrupt the display of Weatherzone Forums.

Purpose of each Forum

General Weather

General weather discussion, how and why it works. Discuss meteorology and forecasting techniques. Analysis of historical weather events, weather stories and folklore. Weather stations and software. Topics covered in General Weather include:

  • General day by day weather discussion

  • Ask how the weather works

  • Discuss forecasting techniques and computer modelling

  • Climatology, climate change and historical weather events

  • Weather stories and folklore

  • Weather stations and other measuring equipment

  • Discuss weather software such as Grads, digital atmosphere and other weather related products

Climate and Climate Change

Discussion about climate and climate change. Long range forecasts. Seasonal outlooks. Climate change theories/debates/news articles.

Marine Weather

Discuss the weather related to surfing, sailing and fishing. How big is the swell at your break? Are the fish biting or not and why?

Ag Weather

How does the weather affect the agricultural industry of Australia?

Weatherzone Q and A

Members can post questions, feedback and comment regarding the Weatherzone website, the forums or any of the other Weatherzone services. Please note that urgent operational issues should be posted into our feedback form which will raise an issue with our support staff.

Weather Events forums

These forums are where members can discuss upcoming weather events, chat about unfolding weather events and post reports or post-analysis discussion about events after they have occurred. The forums are broken up into regional sub-forums, based on typical meteorological boundaries. Please avoid unnecessarily filling up threads with one-line posts and radar observations during an event.

Photography forums

Images not to exceed 1000kb per post and not to exceed 1024 pixels on longest border. Please use thumbnails and/or hyperlinks to larger versions of your images. Please do not post images in these forums if you are not the copyright owner. Important, please note that images posted on the Weatherzone Forums may be used by Weatherzone as short-term feature images elsewhere on the site. Copyright will continue to reside with the original owner.

Weather Photography

Are you a keen photographer? Have you taken some interesting weather images you would like to share? This is the place to browse through our current and past season's weather images and find discussions on photographic techniques, cameras, video equipment, software and related accessories.

Non-weather Photography

This is the place to showcase your "non weather" photography. From holidays to family snaps, any images non-weather related can be posted here. Please note that both the Photography Forums have a 1000kb limit on each post, so please use thumbnails were possible.

The Lounge

The Blah Blah Bar. This is the place for non-weather related discussion. The Lounge is a more relaxed area, and as such, vigorous discussion will be allowed, but threads which degenerate into slanging matches may be closed.

Threads primarily related to religion or politics are banned. These topics have the most potential to cause offense, extend beyond the forums' general audience nature or result in harmful arguments between members. Threads that primarily deal with these topics will be closed by the moderators at their discretion.

Threads may also tend to head off topic on occasion, but that is generally accepted. Also, remember to keep language clean. Swearing will not be tolerated and will result in a warning for a first offence, and further action will be taken if the behaviour persists.


Organising a meeting? Let Weatherzone know of the arrangements here. ASWA/AMOS meetings, Drink Nights, organised storm chases and Chat Sessions. WARNING: Do not post personal details.

Weather Events Posting Guidelines

  • Threads should be based around a weather system that is expected to produce significant weather. (eg NSW East Coast Low 12/7 - 14/7, Thunderstorms in SE QLD 24/12/2009).

  • No blanketing of dates for a location (eg Possible storm chances SE QLD 12/12 - 19/12, Sydney weather 24/11 - 1/12).

  • Threads should be started in the appropriate regional sub-forum. Moderators' discretion will be used for events spanning the border of two sub-forums. For example, an east coast low that affects the northern half of the NSW coast may warrant threads in both the SE QLD/NE NSW sub-forum and the NSW/ACT sub-forum.

  • Threads should only be started within a few days of the expected event. Threads opened earlier than this may be locked at the discretion of moderators.

  • For major weather events, a separate technical/reports thread may be started. This serves the purpose of separating technical discussion and detailed reports from the chatter that fills up threads during major events. These technical/reports threads will be strictly moderated.

  • Once an event has concluded, please do not continue to use its thread for day-to-day weather discussion. This should occur in the relevant day-to-day thread. When a new weather event is beginning to unfold, a new thread should be started.

  • Where possible, post links to images, or use thumbnails rather than putting the full size image directly into posts, especially if you're putting up a series of large images. It slows down the loading time significantly for a single page (especially for those users on dial-up connections).

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