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Victoria Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
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Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
09:00 EDT
25000 3/8 Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy cloudy, warm, dry and windy
15:00 EDT
20000 clear Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
Northern Country
09:00 EDT
25000 8/8 - -  
09:00 EDT
20000 7/8 Sky unchanged Shower
Mostly cloudy
North Central
09:00 EDT
50000 8/8 -- Ac Cloud developing Shower
Cloudy at times
Note - Wind Run counter has clicked over.
09:00 EDT
20000 8/8 Sc -- -- Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy  
North East
09:00 EDT
25000 7/8 -- Ac Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy  
09:00 EDT
50000 6/8 Cloud developing Cloudy at times  
09:00 EDT
30000 8/8 Sky unchanged Shower
Cloudy at times
South West
15:00 EDT
12000 2/8 -- Ac -- Cloud dissolving Cloudy at times  
W & S Gippsland
21:00 EDT
- - - Precipitation  
East Gippsland
09:00 EDT
60000 4/8 Sc Ac -- Cloud developing Drizzle
Mostly clear
09:00 EDT
40000 7/8 Sc Ac Cs Cloud dissolving Mostly cloudy  
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Weather News

Bushfires near Warrnambool continue to rage, houses lost in Victoria's west

22:22 EDT

Up to a dozen homes have been destroyed or damaged by bush and grass fires which continue to burn in Victoria's south-west.

Victoria bushfires force wedding guests to shelter in stable

19:53 EDT

A newlywed couple and their 150 wedding guests were forced to shelter in a stable when a bushfire threatened lives and homes on a farm in Victoria's west.

Tropical Cyclone Marcus reaches Kimberley communities as category two system

19:44 EDT

Tropical Cyclone Marcus has reached the Kimberley coast as a category two system.