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Tasmania Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
(Group by district)
Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
09:00 EDT
8000 8/8 Slight/moderate thunderstorm Mostly cloudy  
15:00 EDT
35000 - Smoke Cloudy at times ORIG-undefined; regional observer; VER:03.2 SWV:3.
15:00 EDT
10000 8/8 Smoke Mostly cloudy  
15:00 EDT
16000 4/8 Cloud developing Mostly clear still slight smoke haze, but reasonable visibility
09:00 EDT
3000 7/8 Sc Ac Smoke Mostly cloudy  
09:00 EDT
40000 8/8 Cloud developing Cloudy at times 50000 /
21:00 EDT
- - - Precipitation  
09:00 EDT
50000 5/8 Cu -- -- Cloud developing Shower
Cloudy at times
15:00 EDT
30000 6/8 Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy smoke
09:00 EDT
50000 6/8 Cloud dissolving Mostly cloudy  
09:00 EDT
40000 7/8 Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy ORIG-undefined; regional observer; VER:03.2 SWV:3.
21:00 EDT
- 4/8 - -  
09:00 EDT
10000 8/8 -- Ac Smoke Mostly cloudy  
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Weather News

Heat put on hold in the southeast

14:24 EDT

Temperatures will cool down for much of the week for South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Brief monsoonal activity for QLD and the NT

12:58 EDT

The monsoon trough has made a glancing blow of Queensland's Cape York Peninsula and the Top End.

Rain welcome but many in western Queensland 'still doing it tough'

21:28 EDT

Rain in parts of western Queensland in the past week has raised hope that the drought may finally be over, but the long, dry years have already devastated pastures and wiped out incomes for many farming families.