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Tasmania Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
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Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
Northwest Coast
09:00 EST
50000 1/8 Sc -- -- Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
West & Sth Coast
15:00 EST
35000 clear Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
Lower Derwent
09:00 EST
35000 2/8 Distant fog Shower
Cloudy at times
Fog present in the valleys
09:00 EST
40000 2/8 St -- -- Distant fog - ORIG-undefined; regional observer; VER:03.2 SWV:3.
09:00 EST
15000 5/8 Cloud developing Cloudy at times 50000 no obs tomorrow 20/06/2018 but not quite sur
East Coast
09:00 EST
40000 8/8 Cloud developing Drizzle 50000 /
09:00 EST
40000 7/8 Cloud dissolving Rain ORIG-undefined; regional observer; VER:03.2 SWV:3.
12:00 EST
- 4/8 - Precipitation  
09:00 EST
30000 7/8 Sc Sky unchanged Rain
Mostly cloudy
09:00 EST
50000 2/8 Cloud dissolving Fog or haze
Cloudy at times
09:00 EST
30000 7/8 Cloud dissolving Cloudy at times  
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Weather News

Young farmers taught 'drought driving' skills as country roads plagued by millions of 'roos

11:32 EST

An initiative by Hay Inc in the New South Wales Riverina town of Hay is teaching young farmers life-saving 'drought driving' lessons on how to drive when faced with kangaroos on the road.

Frost blankets central and eastern Australia

09:01 EST

Parts of Queensland experienced their lowest temperature in more than a decade on Tuesday morning as frost blanketed central and eastern Australia.

Frosty start to Tuesday

17:18 EST

Cold air, clear skies and light winds will cause widespread frost across multiple states and territories on Tuesday morning.