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Tasmania Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
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Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
Northwest Coast
09:00 EST
30000 8/8 Cloud developing Rain
Mostly cloudy
09:00 EST
20000 7/8 Cu -- Ci Recent shower Shower rain over 2 days
12:00 EST
- - - Precipitation  
15:00 EST
40000 6/8 Sky unchanged Cloudy at times regional observer; VER:03.2 SWV:3.19
West & Sth Coast
12:00 EST
- - - Precipitation  
09:00 EST
400 obscured Fog decreasing Fog or haze
Cloudy at times
Lower Derwent
09:00 EST
35000 7/8 Cloud developing Mostly cloudy Nil
09:00 EST
30000 7/8 Sc Ac Ci Sky unchanged Mostly cloudy  
09:00 EST
15000 7/8 Cloud developing Cloudy at times 50000
East Coast
09:00 EST
35000 7/8 Cloud dissolving Cloudy at times  
09:00 EST
30000 6/8 -- Ac -- Sky unchanged Cloudy at times  
09:00 EST
100 7/8 Fog decreasing Fog or haze  
09:00 EST
100 obscured Fog Fog or haze vap an 48hrs,Rain - Frost/Fog,Min Temp reset.
Upper Derwent
12:00 EST
- - - Precipitation  
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