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Northern Territory Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
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Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
09:00 CST
25000 3/8 Cu Ac Ci Cloud developing Shower
Cloudy at times
Terrestrial Min reset to 30.9 @ 1640hrs on 27/5/16
18:00 CST
- 5/8 - -  
09:00 CST
10000 clear Sky unchanged Mostly clear readings taken at 9am
Victoria River
09:00 CST
40000 clear Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
09:00 CST
20000 clear Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
09:00 CST
30000 clear Sky unchanged Mostly clear terr reset 26.5 at 0900 left on ground
Alice Springs
15:00 CST
40000 7/8 Cu -- -- Sky unchanged Cloudy at times  
15:00 CST
30000 8/8 St As -- Cloud developing Mostly cloudy  
18:00 CST
- - - Precipitation  
09:00 CST
20000 2/8 -- -- Cs Cloud dissolving Mostly clear Clear blue skies with cool temps
09:00 CST
30000 7/8 -- Ac -- Sky unchanged Cloudy at times  
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Weather News

Lake Eyre gets late flow from Queensland and more SA rainfall than usual

12:31 EST

Water is flowing into outback Lake Eyre, but somewhat differently from past flooding of the remote saltpan, travel guide Rex Ellis says.

Kiwis in for a pounding

12:24 EST

A strong and complex low is moving over New Zealand and has been generating heavy rain, isolated thunderstorms and gale force winds.

When it rains over Uluru

12:19 EST

The sunrise this morning likely made the ancient sandstone formation of Uluru glow a glorious red at dawn, although cloud and rain from today should lead to more demure morning displays for the next couple of days.