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Northern Territory Sky Observations

Latest Sky Observations
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Time Vis Cloud Current weather Past weather
09:00 CST
25000 7/8 Cb Ac Cc Distant precipitation Thunderstorm
Cloudy at times
Terrestrial Min reset to 28.8 @ 1555hrs on 6/12/16
09:00 CST
25000 6/8 Cu -- Ci Cloud developing Thunderstorm  
09:00 CST
20000 6/8 Cu -- -- Cloud developing Mostly cloudy  
06:00 CST
- - - Precipitation  
Victoria River
09:00 CST
40000 clear Sky unchanged Mostly clear T.M @ 1800 on 6/12/16 39.9C*(reset). muslin change
09:00 CST
20000 1/8 -- Ac -- Sky unchanged Mostly clear  
Alice Springs
15:00 CST
40000 6/8 Cu -- Cc Sky unchanged Mostly clear Nil
06:00 CST
30000 7/8 -- Ac -- Cloud developing Cloudy at times  
06:00 CST
- - - Precipitation  
09:00 CST
15000 6/8 Sc -- -- Cloud dissolving Mostly cloudy cloudy with cloud breaking up and clearing to east
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Weather News

Turbulent Thursday in Vic, Tas, SA

15:52 EDT

Parts of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia could be lashed by storms and damaging winds on Thursday as a cold front sweeps across Australia's southeast.

How to protect yourself from lightning strikes

15:38 EDT

It is storm season in Australia and, while being struck by lightning is considered a rare occurrence, there are several steps people can take to keep safe.

Storms plaguing NSW, Qld

10:52 EDT

Storm-weary parts of southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales are preparing for another bout of wild weather today.